Suitable for watching the Winter Olympics, four 98 “large screen TV introduction

During the Spring Festival, everyone will buy some New Year goods, the Spring Festival, to the home for some new appliances, updating the home is one of the common actions.Especially with the Coming of the Winter Olympics, have you considered changing your home to a big TV so that everyone can enjoy watching the Winter Olympics sports on the big screen?In the past year, the market began to appear 98 “super super super large screen TV, is suitable for watching the Winter Olympics, looks like sports games, but that is a wider field of vision, immersive sense of presence!Would a 98-inch TV like the one I’m introducing here be unacceptably expensive?How much do you think a 98 “TV will cost?Thousands?Fifty thousand?Maybe it used to be, but it hasn’t been that expensive in the last year or so, and now that there are more and more 80-inch screens in mass production, the price has come down.Like these 98-inch LCD TVS below, prices as low as 17, 000, not too expensive, already can enter the consumer view of the masses of families.Xiaobian selected a few 98 inches of large screen TV, to ensure that the family in this big screen to see movies and TV cool, let’s understand the next.Skyworth 98G91, first of all, this is a 98 inch ultra large screen TV, it uses 192 area matrix backlight, with 85% NTSC wide color gambit, built-in chameleon AI chip, support dolby vision, Dolby panoramic sound 2.1 sound system;A73*2+A53*2 quad-core CPU, 4+64GB storage;Equipped with 10m ultra long distance full-time AI2.0 far field voice control, using a full alloy base, the lowest price on e-commerce at present 19,999 yuan, let’s have a detailed understanding.Skyworth 98G91 Ultra large SCREEN TV screen, Skyworth 98G91 ultra large screen TV with 98 inch LCD screen, 4K ultra high definition resolution, 60Hz refresh rate.The TV looks huge, with a 2189 by 1245mm screen and a wide field of view.98 “screen TV, suitable for 4.5-meter wide living room.Skyworth 98G91 Ultra large screen TV picture quality, skyworth 98G91 TV has 192 matrix backlight partition, so that the screen contrast, light and dark details better.Support Dolby Vision and HDR10 and other HDR formats;Using skyworth their chameleon AI graphics chips, it made a hummingbird compared AI chip in precise smoothing, dynamic target remodeling, super resolution on the basis of further ascension, and increase the scene recognition, AI AI color calibration, AI dynamic range is extended, the AI technology to search, recognition and reconstruction of image object, which accurately improve image quality,Reproducing high quality images with a strong sense of presence.Skyworth 98G91 super large screen TV, configuration parameters hardware configuration, Skyworth 98G91 TV uses A73*2+A53*2 quad-core CPU, 4+64GB storage combination, currently belongs to the high-end configuration, can ensure smooth use without lag.In terms of sound, Skyworth 98G91 TV uses Dolby Panoramic sound 2.1 sound system, built-in hi-fi, double magnetic drive design;The cavity of the sound unit is larger, the sensitivity reaches 80dB@1m/ 1W, the sound pressure is higher and the volume is greater without losing every detail.In terms of appearance design, Skyworth 98G91 super large screen TV adopts comprehensive screen design and extremely simplified design style.The body is made of metal materials, and the base is made of all alloy materials to ensure it is solid and stable.In terms of system functions, Skyworth 98G91 super large screen TV adopts Kukai Swaiot system, bringing rich online video and audio entertainment content, supporting wireless screen projection, smart home appliances interconnection and other functions.Far field voice microphone control, Skyworth 98G91 ultra large SCREEN TV screen below a four-array microphone, voice commands without remote control, no external equipment, directly call small dimension small dimension, support up to 10 meters of radio, 180° sound picking Angle, speech recognition accuracy up to 99.96%.Skyworth TV uses Baidu AI voice core and provides 100+ scene life services such as watching TV series, booking hotels, booking air tickets and Baidu Encyclopedia.In terms of price, skyworth 98G91 super large screen TV is currently quoted 19,999 yuan on the lowest e-commerce.Edit comment: This TV features built-in chameleon picture quality chip, which is skyworth spent a huge sum of money to research and development of picture quality adjustment products, only used in high-end TV, can effectively optimize the TV picture, so that users watch more comfortable.TCL 98Q6E is also a 98-inch giant screen TV, which was released on August 26 last year. It uses a 98-inch 4K 120Hz high refresh rate screen, with MEMC motion compensation, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low delay function.Equipped with quad-core A73+ dual-core G52 chip, 4GB+64GB storage combination, 2.1 channel Enbridge HiFi sound.The function is very strong, the previous price of 29,000 yuan, now also reduced to 19999 yuan, the following to understand.TCL 98Q6E large-screen TV screen and picture quality, TCL 98Q6E uses the large panel produced by TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, 98 inch 4K 120Hz high refresh rate screen.98 “screen TV, suitable for 4.5-meter wide living room.On the screen, it uses a new generation of fluorescent materials, improve the color gamut to 130%(BT.709 standard), so that the TV presents more layers of color, restore a more realistic and natural picture.The TCL 98Q6E screen has 192 backlit partitions and supports various HDR formats such as Dolby Vision and HDR/HDR10/HLG.TCL Q image quality engine and other optimization technologies are adopted to enhance users’ immersion and comfortable experience through blue light protection, natural light, mixed dimming and other technologies.Support MEMC motion compensation technology, make the motion picture more smooth, reduce drag shadow, lag and other problems.In terms of hardware configuration, TCL 98Q6E adopts Mediatek’s flagship TV chip SoC MT9652, equipped with quad-core A73+ dual-core G52 and 4GB+64GB storage combination.High performance TV SoC brings MEMC motion compensation, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low delay functions to improve the smooth screen experience of watching movies and games and large screen console games.Equipped with a variety of full-blood high-speed HDMI2.1 interface and dual-frequency WiFi6 module, it has three HDMI2.1 interface, can output 4K+120Hz picture, suitable for PS5 and other new generation of console games, unfortunately only equipped with USB2.0 interface.In terms of sound configuration, TCL 98Q6E uses 2.1 channel Enbridge HiFi sound, equipped with high-end hardware such as super-large stroke subwoofer, silk film ball top treble diaphragm, two 15W speakers, one 20W subwoofer, and 5 units with 50W power, supporting Dolby panoramic sound effects.In terms of appearance design, TCL 98Q6E large-screen TV adopts a front-facing and full-width screen, which strengthens the visual sense and highlights the extremely simplified design style.The surface of the fuselage and the base are made of metal materials to ensure a solid and stable.In terms of system functions, TCL 98Q6E adopts thunderbird system, which brings rich online video and audio entertainment content and supports wireless screen projection, multi-screen interaction, remote video conference and other functions.Audio for young people growing in the era of rapid development of electronic technology, TELEVISION is not only a video bearing terminal, but also an interactive terminal that can experience big screen games.The 98-inch screen on TCL 98Q6E offers an immersive gaming experience.The refresh rate of 120Hz can greatly improve the quick response of the screen, and can realize high smooth game operation and improve the game experience.The excellent picture quality and sound can also present richer color details and panoramic sound effects. All of these make TCL 98Q6E a TV suitable for games.Of course, in terms of content, TCL 98Q6E huge screen TV also has TCL cloud game ecology, which comes with high-definition genuine high-quality games, and all kinds of popular games can be played without installation.Price: TCL 98Q6E giant screen TV is at present on electricity business promotion come to hand price 19,999 yuan.The 120Hz high refresh rate screen, as well as MEMC motion compensation, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low delay function, is the highlight of this product, suitable for the screen requirements of game enthusiasts, video and audio lovers.TCL’s previous price has been 29,999 yuan, after a sharp drop of ten thousand, now can be said to be the right time to buy.Hisense also has a 98-inch TV, the Hisense 98E7G Pro, which uses a 98-inch BOE screen module, a checkerboard pattern with 256 light control zones and a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.At present, the price of e-commerce is 19,999 yuan.Hisense 98E7G Pro adopts checkerboard light-controlled partition with 256 partitions. Hundreds or even thousands of LED beads are evenly distributed on the back of the whole rectangular LCD panel, so that the backlight can be evenly transmitted to the whole screen.This checkerboard control allows for more precise brightness control in different areas of the picture, giving high-end TVS higher contrast and better HDR performance.In addition to fine display effect, the hisense 98E7G Pro screen also supports 120HZ refresh rate, and supports MTK motion compensation algorithm, can carry out dynamic frame compensation of up to 120FPS.This allows high-speed motion graphics to show more detail, which is great for watching soccer or racing games, FPS games, etc.Comments: Checkerboard 256 control light partition, peak brightness up to 1000 nits, is its characteristics, can achieve a good HDR effect, video enthusiasts can pay attention to.Overall, hisense 98E7G Pro has a super-sized, high-performance display screen, which gives users a good experience in terms of picture quality.Thunderbird 98S545C, 17999 Yuan TCL FFALCON also launched a 98-inch extra-large screen product.The Thunderbird New Geeky II S545C TV has a 98-inch, 120Hz screen, 4K resolution, 94% P3 color gambit, MEMC motion compensation technology, chess-board backlight partition technology, 2.1 Enbridge audio, MTK9652 chip, 4+64GB storage combination, and far field voice.The current 98 inch Thunderbird 98S545C e-commerce price of 17,999 yuan, let’s take a look.In terms of screen, thunderbird 98S545C TV adopts bezel-less full screen design. It is equipped with a 98-inch 4K resolution 120Hz large screen with high refresh rate. It has a 94% DCI-P3 movie wide color gambit, 1.70 billion colors, 750NIT peak brightness, 192 chess-board backlit partitions, and D65 original color temperature adjustment.The color accuracy and white balance of Delta E have reached the professional standard of about 2.Equipped with checkerboard backlight partition technology, partition number and peak brightness bring it a good high contrast display performance, with HDR high dynamic range picture output capability.In terms of hardware configuration, Thunderbird S545C adopts Mediatek MT9652 high-end TV SoC, which can be combined with 4G+64G operational memory to achieve smooth operation and decoding content in daily use. The built-in MEMC motion compensation algorithm gives better play to the performance of 120Hz high screen brush to achieve smooth experience of watching movies and games.Built-in dual-band WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 to achieve multi-channel stable wireless connection.Thunderbird 98S545C TV is equipped with 2.1-channel Enbridge sound and a 7-unit 15W*2+20W high-power speaker. It has passed Dolby Panoramic sound certification and DTS-HD certification and can be called theater sound.The sound unit adopts rare earth rufe boron strong magnetic + high fiber diaphragm design, with loud and pure audio performance, and can enhance the sense of presence through virtual surround sound.In terms of software functions, Thunderbird TV adopts the latest Thunderbird system, which has massive content supported by Tencent Video, Kiwi, Kumeow, Mango TV and other copyright platforms. It is updated instantly every day, and can support global voice search. According to the content, it can also enable intelligent scene engine to match exclusive scenes.Far field voice function can realize free remote control 360 degree sound field and up to 12 meters sound pickup, through the password “small T small T” call, support content query, quick search and other interactive voice functions.Can support multi-device interconnection screen casting function, let the large screen share more wonderful.In terms of games, thunderbird S545C supports PS5 and Xbox X/S next-gen console game standards through full blood HDMI2.1 high-speed interface on the basis of 4K120Hz high refresh rate large screen, including 4K120FPS signal perfect adaptation, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low delay mode support,At the same time, the input delay in game mode is as low as 12ms, allowing users to enjoy smooth experience with low delay.Price: Finally, the price of the Thunderbird S545C TV, currently available on e-commerce for 17,999 yuan for a 98 inch.Comments: Thunderbird 98S545C this 98 “big screen TV has a large display area, 94% OF the P3 color gambit, 120Hz screen, checkerboard partition backlight, MEMC motion compensation technology and other excellent screen parameters and hardware collocation, the overall parameters look good.In addition, 2.1 channel Enbridge sound, equipped with 7-unit 15W*2+20W high-power speaker, through dolby panoramic sound certification, DTS-HD certification, sound is good, which is also worth saying the bright spot.Price, 98 inches, 17999 yuan, with high performance, is not expensive, in this article about the TV is the most affordable, interested friends can pay attention to.Editor’s Summary: Two or three years ago, 80 “or more LCD TVS were very expensive, hundreds of thousands of them, but in the past year or so, 98” super large screen TVS began to enter the market, into the eyes of the masses of consumers to buy, the price is not particularly expensive.Among the four 98-inch TV sets selected by the author, the most expensive is 19,999 yuan, while the cheapest is 17,999 yuan. These are still e-commerce prices, and offline physical stores may also be able to discuss more preferential gifts.However, consumers should pay attention to one issue before buying a 98-inch TV like this one — entering the home.Believe that the purchase of 98 “TV families, living room area must be enough to put down, but such a large size can enter the elevator, can enter the door, the general community is really not able to do.You can take a look.

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