Nanyang can test ride, 0.33% off

Holding the car money hesitant you are still in the car and wait-and see, the current nanyang zhongye FAW – Volkswagen shop limited time special 10,000 yuan color optional, now the car is sufficient, preferential time 02.11-02.11, hesitant friends might as well go to the store personally test drive, shop address:Nanyang City Xinchen East Road, The city procuratorate west 200 meters north promotion time from February 11, 2022 to February 11, 2022 Preferential conditions in the store insurance coverage latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Nanyang price 380TSIFour-wheel drive Flagship Resort Edition 359,900 yuan 105,900 yuan 530TSI Four-wheel drive flagship Resort edition Pro 399,900 yuan 105,398,900 yuan 330TSI Elite New Resort edition 299,900 yuan 105,298,900 yuan 330TSI380TSI four-wheel drive R-line extension edition 342,900 yuan 104,900 yuan 380TSI four-wheel drive luxury beautiful edition Pro 336,900 yuan 104,900 yuan 335,900 yuan 380TSI four-wheel drive luxury beautiful edition Pro380TSI Four-wheel drive Flagship Landscape Edition Limited edition 374,900 RMB 103,900 RMB 373,900 RMB

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