Against the will of high school students 1

My eldest brother, primary school, junior high school learning because has been living in the school basic tube.Before, because the child’s grades are not bad, so I always thought that the child’s learning habit is no problem.In high school, we have been completely trusting her to adapt and explore the learning method suitable for high school. (Mainly, we have been letting go and want to intervene in her learning. When she doesn’t feel there is a problem, people won’t listen to it at all.)Now the middle of high school life, the child’s grades are falling all the way, even a rebound water splash.From the top 60 of the lower grade in the first class, all the way down to the bottom of the class, grade 200, the child has almost lost confidence in herself, but still want to try again at the critical period, we also do our best to try to help her.Of course the process among them is also very tortuous, say also a bitter tears.When he came back from the final exam, he said that he did not do well in the exam and asked his mother to rent a house near the school next semester.Her father and I were happy to hear that at first;In any case, at least to prove that the child has not given up, there is a fight, this is commendable, we must support ah.After the exam, we made an appointment with friends for a whole day. We also understand that it is really time to relax after working so hard for so long.Learning should be relaxed in order to improve learning efficiency.In the following week, I saw that she was not doing well in studying at home. I could not feel that she wanted to study hard at all. Instead, she felt that she was just beating the clock day by day.Depressed all day, sometimes sleep in class, sometimes secretly watch videos, sometimes do other subjects in class homework.Afternoon in the bedroom online class is stuffy, easy to feel sleepy, I can understand;Then let her move to the laptop in the afternoon on the living room table class, because the living room is relatively spacious, after a class can walk in the living room, turn around, can avoid sleepiness.Anyway, that week, her study state is not very good, I can not push too hard;It’s just an occasional insinuating, but it doesn’t work.After the net class, winter vacation life officially opened before;The father had a formal communication with her.The eldest brother asked me to accompany him to study because he could not control himself and needed me to supervise her study beside him.However, during the one-week online courses at home, she didn’t let me manage anything or tell me her specific study plan. When I said something, she just “I know myself”.My requirement is that, since you want me to supervise, I must participate in your learning process, and you must tell me your learning plan and goals at each stage and subdivide it into daily learning tasks.It is only when we plan each day bit by bit and see our progress that we can regain our confidence.The most important goal for us is how to restore her confidence in learning, whether it is to supervise or accompany her, because in the past year and a half, the innovation class in the school has been almost lost confidence.Her father also communicated with her deeply about the importance of the study plan and hoped it could be implemented this time.After doing ideological work, she made a study plan for the whole winter vacation that night, and the plan was refined to every day.And said it would be better to make an Excel spreadsheet, which I would be happy to help with.

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