A new round of rain and snow swept across the central and eastern parts of China.

Today’s weather today (February 16) and yesterday similar to overcast to cloudy mainly thick cloud temperature difference throughout the day has been relatively low morning areas between 3 to 6 degrees Celsius is expected today’s highest temperature in 7 degrees Celsius up and down the northeast wind level 3 to 4 we continue to do a good job of warm work!Weather for work (6-9 o ‘clock) : cloudy to cloudy, 5-6 degrees (16-19 o ‘clock) :Cloudy to cloudy, 7-5 degree weather trend A new round of large-scale rain and snow weather began to sweep across the central and eastern parts of China today. It will rain from tomorrow (17th), and there is a possibility of sleet and snow more obvious precipitation period on Friday (18th), Sunday, briefly clear, and next week, another wave of rain…Temperature fluctuations are not always in the low hovering lowest to keep at 3~4℃ highest between 5~8℃ cold is still the main tone of spring flowers still need to wait for February 17 (Thursday) : overcast overcast light rain or light sleet, 3~ 5℃ February 18 (Friday) : overcast showers, 4 ~ 7℃ February 19 (Saturday) :February 20th (Sunday) : Cloudy, 3 ~ 8℃
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From: Health meteorology, Shanghai
Picture: Xu Zhe made standard
Editor: Ning Pingying
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