Zhejiang men’s basketball intermittent positive reinforcement, former thunder old will be expected to join, for the crown to increase competitiveness

The zhejiang team this season, was high hopes, mainly comes from inside the star of hope Yu Jia HaoSheng to the team, for many years since the team outside threats imbalance has eased, but with the ongoing of the league, Yu Jiahao present will slow down the speed of the team, for he is bound to change, but the team still has a lot of good young player,With the addition of two foreign aid, Rakosevic and Green, the league has been stable in the top four.However, it is worrying that the last season’s foreign aid N ‘Do will not come back this season, he has joined the Turkish league team, looking for a replacement for N ‘Do has become a top priority for the management of Zhejiang men’s basketball.N ‘Duo in the last season with the team, dare to fight for the style of play by the fans, but also win the head coach Liu Weiwei’s recognition, his excellent physical quality and movement speed and Zhejiang men’s basketball style is very matched, can not return to it is a pity.The team has found a replacement in mamady Diakite, a 206-cm, 98kg thunder player who is averaging 4.3 points and 4.5 rebounds on 53.2 percent shooting from the field and 54.5 percent free throw percentage.Just come to the Chinese league to play.If everything is expected to go well, Diakit signed a contract with Zhejiang team, he can catch up with the playoff game, then Yu Jiahao has returned from injury, fall position play slow can also be, hit and run home can also be, coupled with the configuration of three foreign aid, Zhejiang men’s basketball team is certainly not willing to stop in the semifinals, the championship is the ultimate goal!

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