With the national football team out early and the players in a stable mood, People’s Daily has one last request

After the 2-0 loss to Japan, China only got 5 points in seven rounds of matches, 9 points behind third-place Australia in the group, which means that China will be completely eliminated if it loses to Vietnam in the next round, or if Australia gets 1 point. Considering the high probability of Australia beating Oman, China has actually been eliminated in advance.After all, Japan is no. 1 in Asia, and most of its players play in Europe. It’s impossible to expect to win.In fact, at the beginning of the round of 12, Australia gathered in a rush, and Japan was outplayed by Moribo. China had the chance to steal points by naturalized players, but Li Tie abandoned naturalized players, and played too aggressively against Australia and too conservatively against Japan, and finally missed the good start.Four points against Oman and Vietnam won’t save China after all.The match against Japan was still awkward, with fans unable to see what the Japanese goalkeeper was wearing, and China waited until the 70th minute before Alan was fouled, allowing Wei Shihao to score China’s first goal from a set-piece.”We accept the fact that The national football team will be dormant for a long time, but it must be established in the right direction and path. The match against Vietnam on the first day of Chinese New Year, please let the fans see progress,” said People’s Daily in a commentary after the match.The People’s Daily demands actually already is the lowest, over the years the team’s had never lost to Vietnam, but today the team’s play Japanese data, than to play ugly, Japan, Vietnam and the team’s original and naturalized players help, finally depend on Wang Shen super and lei two flashes, the team’s only 3 to 2 with Vietnam, now Li Xiaopeng wanted to win the Vietnamese, difficulty cans be imagined.However, Wu Xi also said in the interview after the game, it is the New Year soon, hope to dedicate to the fans with victory.Coincidentally, Vietnam also celebrated the Chinese New Year, and their players also wanted to give Vietnamese fans a gift on the first day of the New Year.It will be interesting to see who wins in the pecking contest.

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