Weishi County Xiaochen township: multiple measures to carry out safety publicity and education “five” activities

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Cui Xueqing intern Wu Wenzhong) to enhance the safety awareness and quality of the people, good atmosphere of better make everyone understand security, for days, optimization methodology for Chen township will work safety propaganda “five into” included in the safety production target responsibility appraisal, improve the organizational structure, set up a special working team,We actively carried out the “five Advances” campaign.Precise service “into the enterprise”.Invite enterprises to participate in the “Safety production month”, “Fire prevention Publicity month” and other theme activities, vigorously promote the enterprise safety culture learning and propaganda, production and distribution of “enterprises to implement the main responsibility list of safety production” and other publicity posters.Refine “one enterprise one group, one enterprise one policy” work measures, visit service enterprises 22 times, for the township 10 enterprises more than 80 employees of safety training.Benefit the people “enter the countryside” for the people.To take the form of the masses, the use of propaganda car loudspeaker broadcast, hanging propaganda banner safety propaganda knowledge, propaganda in each village, enrich the safety knowledge of the masses, improve the safety awareness of the masses.Publicity and education “into the community”.Distribute safety leaflet together with grid members of villages in rural areas, and explain fire safety, electricity safety and other related safety knowledge to the masses in detail.The nursing garden was built and “entered the school”.In classroom teaching, special education activities, social practice and other activities, safety education content is strictly implemented. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens organize emergency evacuation drills every month and every quarter, which are included in the assessment content.School bus safety special rectification, campus hazardous chemicals safety control and other key points, innovative safety speeches and other activities.We will encourage all people to enter the family.In the form of special education and training, lectures on safety knowledge, and watching warning educational films, special anti-drowning actions were carried out in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens throughout the township, and drawing competitions with the theme of “Safety education accompanies my growth”, essay competitions of “I bring safety belt home”, and speech competitions of “Safety in my heart” were organized.Around the fire, drowning and other safety focus, the use of all kinds of communication carriers, popularize emergency safety escape skills and family safety knowledge.(Kaifeng news hotline: 18803624444, email: hnrcnkf@163.com.”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)

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