Transmit city happiness temperature, zhongshan street federation of trade unions to carry out outdoor workers love relay station Lantern Festival theme activities

“I will send it back to my hometown so my parents can have a look at it and know what KIND of work I do.”This afternoon, Mr. Zhao, the associate member, said happily that he had just taken polarid printed photos from the staff of zhongshan Street Federation of Trade Unions.Zhao, whose hometown is Heilongjiang Province, heeded the call to stay in Songjiang this year.Because Mr. Zhao usually busy with work, almost rarely leave work photos, this time benefited from the Zhongshan street federation of trade unions to carry out the Lantern Festival for outdoor workers to send warmth activities, let him have a belongs to their own work photos.At the time of the Lantern Festival, zhongshan street federation of trade unions organized the Lantern Festival to send warmth to outdoor workers.At the Love Relay station of China Unicom Business Hall of Wanda Plaza, where there are a large number of outdoor workers, we carry out activities such as sending glutinous rice balls, taking photos, talking, thanking and warming hearts for the outdoor workers, such as couriers, takeout boys, sanitation workers and coordinators, who stick to their posts during the festival.A bowl of fragrant soft glutinous dumplings, a warm heart items, warm the heart of outdoor workers.A total of more than 80 outdoor workers participated in this heart-warming activity.This activity aims to thank outdoor workers for their contributions to the society, and at the same time mobilize their work enthusiasm and creativity, and comprehensively enhance the attraction and cohesion of grassroots trade unions.Let ordinary but not insipid outdoor workers feel the warmth and care of the street federation of trade unions “mother family”.It is reported that this year the street federation of trade unions will make full use of the area within the 4 outdoor workers love relay station, in 2022 each site for outdoor workers to do a good job on the basis of the existing service content, will carry out winter to send warm, summer to send cool, love breakfast and other activities.

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