There are joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows in this life;Live a good life and meet each other slowly

I a person through so many spring and summer replacement cold wind and rain, you can also come to me, of course, double cherish.But if you don’t show up, it doesn’t matter how old you are, does it?Think about the days that I’ve been through, forget it, don’t repeat it, AND I want to be happy.A person must get off the bus to others, your life is more than that, there are better people worth meeting.The world is neither good nor bad, there is always someone quietly love you.In this world, kindness and indifference rise and fall, happiness and sadness are also, I want to be a warm person to others.Believe that life is good and there will always be a place for you.Life is too short, I just want to live for myself, happiness is the only support for me, I will not be happy and forget all my duties, but I hope that every decision I make can follow the real heart, let yourself happy.Promise me that you will be happier and happier than anyone else, because you will take all my happiness and happiness away.Life is good or bad, to keep a good attitude, walk slowly.No matter what you say, what you do, where you are, I just want a sense of peace of mind, do not need to be afraid, this is my pursuit of happiness.Love is not love is not important, only let oneself happy is really happy.Run toward the United States good future of two people together is full of sadness, that separate, after all, happiness is chosen.Long not very happy, because carefree;When I grew up, I was happy, because I had responsibilities.Unhappy is from not grow up to grow up the transition period, to lose a lot of things will wake up.Life without love is boring. May you be a happy person in your relationship.There’s nothing we can’t get past and nothing we can’t get back.At the age of eighteen this wonderful age to have a real love and love their own people really called happiness and happiness.Bad is the norm of life, and we’re looking for fun and meaning.With a good attitude, but high expectations, happiness comes naturally.People still want to be optimistic, broken heart said to himself broken peace.It’s time to say goodbye. Happy back packing.The happiness of life is no more than a “I love you” “you were laborious” “I miss you”.Optimistic attitude towards life, will bring you a round of brilliant red sun every day;Pessimistic attitude towards life, always make your eyes full of darkness and clouds;A serious attitude to life will make you “bright” in the end.A perfunctory and half-hearted attitude to life will eventually end up achieving nothing.The most important thing in life is not love, but happiness.Isn’t it?I hope that when I meet the next one in the crowd, I will still be the same person who can enthusiastically face life and still be the optimistic person who can give all his heart to love.It’s okay. Let’s get ahead of ourselves, right?Touch your head. Everything will pass.The world isn’t perfect, so let it go, kid.Life is difficult, you also want to know, you can always be as proud as the princess life, like the people do not like you, do not force it.Everything will get better. We can’t wait. We have to earn it.Always believe in your own value!Anyone is an independent individual, we have to recognize their own, come on!Sunshine will not be lost to the haze, there is always a person to bring you sunshine, hope, faith.No matter who you are, you should live the way you want. It’s only once in your life. Why not live it well?You should laugh unscrupulously, do not leave life regret.Live a good life and meet each other slowly. There are many things in life that you should pay attention to.There are joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows in this life.There are bad days and bad days.Efforts!!!!Time is the best answer, you feel sad things will gradually become better, to live to experience this world of mixed emotions, come to this world, isn’t it because of love?Everyone has their own will be gentle, I hope you have a pair of eyes will find.I will look forward to life, full of awe of life, come on, life is warm and beautiful!I am pangpang, grateful life, share happiness!Answer every question carefully, make friends with every friend attentively, thank you for reading, please forward and like the recognition, thank you pay attention to the headline number: Fat love!Pictures from the network, if there is a violation of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us, we will promptly correct, delete.Thank you very much!)

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