Russian beautiful girl skating “three sets of dolls”, pear flowers with rain smile and sorrow

It seems that the most attention in the Winter Olympics should be on the Russian figure skating dolls.The three beauties have created a lot of buzz both on and off the court.In particular, Sasha, the oldest of the three, was the most successful women’s figure skater at the Winter Olympics, although she finished second to her teammate, Daughter.Why do you say that?Because in this Winter Olympics, Sasha raised the technical difficulty of women’s figure skating to an unprecedented high, she became the only person in the history of the Olympic Games to successfully complete five quadruple jumps, the first five quadruple jumps, its significance and influence is far more than the gold medal won by daughter.Because in the future, there will be many champions and gold MEDALS in the World Series, but as long as no one breaks the record of 5 quadruple jumps, Sasha’s name will be mentioned repeatedly in every World Series, in fact, it is difficult for anyone to achieve 6 quadruple jumps in the future.Sasha’s record as the first 5 quadruple skippers in women’s figure skating is timeless and groundbreaking.The winner may be forgotten but the first name is hard to forget.She is the real uncrowned king. She doesn’t need to cry because she didn’t get the gold medal.Daughter although the technical difficulty is not as good as Sasa but the whole movement smoothly and smoothly, artistic beauty is impeccable, she won the championship deserved.As for K Bao, the youngest of the three, she was under great pressure from her 15-year-old age due to the doping scandal. She only ranked fourth in four mistakes in her performance, failing to achieve the goal of winning the top three.K Bao pear with rain crying distressed, whether she deliberately sacrificed herself to help her teammates, can only say that at the beginning of the Olympic Games in the critical moment she really did not do everything ready.The Russian women’s figure skating has a lot of talent, and it’s time to step down when they are about 20 years old. In fact, it’s very unlikely that K-bao will have a chance to compete in the next Winter Olympics under the condition that the Russian women’s figure skating field is so serious, so she is the most sad one among the three dolls.

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