King of Glory Usher in epic buff, but now the tragedy, players say it is acceptable

Honor of Kings has recently received another update. In the February 25th update, Arthur has received another minor change, which it is worth noting is related to the one made on January 24th.If you are a regular player of Kings, you should know that there will be some changes in each version update, that is to nerf heroes who are too strong, because it will affect the balance after being too strong, and strengthening each hero is very troublesome, so it can only be properly nerfed.But I have to say, Arthur adjustment is relatively large in the last adjustment, Arthur got a super buff, such as improved general attack time, originally 3 seconds, after the adjustment to 5 seconds.The second is the increase in acceleration time. Using a skill increases the acceleration time by 5 seconds, but the acceleration effect is now attenuated instead of attenuated.The other thing is the silence skill, which changed the silence time from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.Other enhancements don’t have much impact, but there are two core enhancements, silence time and the duration of a skill.After buffed up, Arthur has a very convenient ability and can easily play a 3-second silence. Another important point to note is that Arthur’s CD time after reaching full level is the same as the duration, which gives Arthur the ability to have this feature without having to use the CD equipment.After the adjustment on February 25th, the plan changed the silence time to 1.25 seconds, which is 0.25 seconds more than the official server, but 0.25 seconds less than the previous experience server. I think it is a compromise for the game balance.So how strong is Arthur after adjustment?From the current adjusted data, Arthur is a good choice to play support, you can play full meat, and then guard next to the core C, no matter who comes to the silence of a few heroes can stand, not only can not hit the damage is also easy to be destroyed.Another is to play the limit of silence flow, play output route, a skill limit CD is 3 seconds, the duration of 1.25 seconds, if you can be stuck to the limit time, you can do first silence 1.25 seconds, then use a skill silence, so repeated operation, the opposite enemy will be absolutely broken.What is Arthur’s strength beyond his current position?If you look at all the king’s position, in the improved game, Arthur can fight against lu in fact not many heroes, because the current heroes against Lu are meat output and high.And if the field of vision in the top rank, Arthur’s play space will be relatively large, whether it is Guan Yu, Yuan Ge, Ma Chao, in the face of more silence or more virtual.To put it simply, in regular matches, there is little room for heroes like Lu Bu and Kai to play, but in the face of heroes who rely on skills to make a living, there is a good effect on the contrary.So from this adjustment, Arthur still has a good promotion, the future of the hero should be blue-collar playing field or even auxiliary, so that you can maximize the advantage of silence, and not be suppressed by the weak line ability.So from the king of the row hero, many people play king of the first contact is Arthur, so this adjustment is quite good, should be more popular in the future.

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