Gianni kalulu scores, Milan beat Empoli 1-0

AC Milan will host Empoli in the 2021-22 Serie A clash at the SAN Siro stadium on March 13 at 3:45 a.m.Kalulu opened the scoring in the first half, giroud repeatedly threatened, menion saved in the second half.AC Milan beat Empoli 1-0 at home to make it two league wins in a row.In the standings, Milan continue to lead with 63 points.After the first half whistle, fiamoci fumbled a return pass out of bounds seven minutes later.The 7th minute, Maxias attempt to break right flank is intercepted.In the 8th minute, Leo made a breakthrough from the wing, Casey’s diagonal pass, florenzi’s push in the penalty area was saved by Vicario.The 10th minute, Calabria cross, the defensive player clearance hit tonali body deflected off the post.In the 14th minute, Leao spun away from a pass and was broken up as he cut inside the top of the penalty area.In the 17th minute, Casey was knocked down by Bandinelli and milan were awarded a free kick.In the 18th minute, Giroud’s free-kick was blocked by the wall, kalulu followed up with a long-range shot into the net, AC Milan 1-0 Empoli!In the 25th minute, Florenzi’s cross from the left was confiscated by Vicario.The 29th minute, Tonali appeared to be injured, after treatment to continue the game.In the 34th minute, Leo raised his foot too high in a challenge.In the 35th minute, Florenzi followed up with a volley high from Leo’s heel.The 37 th minute, Pinamonti front edge of the penalty area volley shot high crossbar.The first 40 minutes, Kaikas left cross was intercepted by Kalulu.The 42nd minute, Calabria right cross, giroud header high.In the 43rd minute, the camera went to theo, who was on the sidelines because of suspension.In the 43rd minute, Leo forced a breakaway on the left and passed two men before giroud’s shot was blocked.In the 44th minute, Giroud’s header from milan’s free-kick was saved by Vicario, then successive shots from giroud and Casey were blocked.At the end of the first half, AC Milan temporarily lead empoli 1-0 at home.In the 49th minute, Bandinelli sent a 45 degree Angle diagonal pass, luppeto headed the ball, menion flew to save.In the 51st minute, Empoli’s corner kick was dissolved by Menion, and menion confiscated the ball in the ensuing chaos.The 54 th minute, Fiyamochi right cross is controlled by Menion.The 55th minute, Messi cut inside the right side of the long shot, the Angle is too is confiscated by Vicario.The 62nd minute, coutrone substitute appearance, return to SAN Siro.In the 66th minute, Messi did not pose a threat.The 71st minute, Florenzi kicks a corner kick, Giroud kicks a defensive player, the referee signaled an offensive foul.In the 76th minute, Giroud flicked his head wide from Leo’s left cross.In the 78th minute, Cutrone failed to stop benahi’s diagonal pass into the penalty area.In the 82nd minute, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Rabic came on as substitutes for Giroud and Leo.In the 90th minute, Florenzi went down with a cramp while defending.The 93 th minute, Tonali interference opponent serve dyed yellow.At the end of the game, AC Milan beat Empoli 1-0 at home.After the game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Luppeto exchanged shirts.Milan squad:16- Menion, 2- Calabria, 23- Tomoli, 20- Kalulu, 25- Florenzi, 8- Tonali, 4- Bennassar (87 mins, 33- Krunic), 30- Messias (71 mins, 56- Salemakors), 17- Leo (82 mins, 12- Rabic), 79- Casey (71 mins,10- dias), 9- giroud (82 minutes, 11- Zlatan Ibrahimovic) substitutes did not play: 1- Tatarusanu, 83- Mirante, 5- Balo Toure, 7- Castillejo, 13- Romanioli, 27- Daniel Maldini, 46- Gabia

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