Folk music: focus on creating a special potato area

Minle county in recent years, around the construction of modern agriculture by goals, adhere to the “succession” tail “farmers head feed” direction, in order to enhance summer vegetables, medicinal herbs, potato, plateau breeding characteristics such as industry, regional competitiveness as the goal, based on resources endowment, according to “build the base, strong bibcock, extending chain and clustering, Mr Park” train of thought,We will develop functional zones for special potatoes, Chinese medicinal materials, and highland summer vegetables, promote project-oriented, park-oriented, and intensive industrial development, build a full-chain industrial system integrating industrial systems, production systems, and operation systems, and promote the quality and efficiency of industries with local characteristics and cluster development.Explore high-yield cultivation modes in different planting regions, support existing seed potato breeding enterprises such as Dingfeng, Yasheng, Lvhe, And Keqin to improve production capacity, focus on the construction of high-standard seed propagation bases of 40,000 mu in Nanfeng, Yonggu, Hongshui and other towns, and build national regional seed potato breeding bases free of virus.Cooperatives, large growers and other business entities are encouraged to vigorously promote the high-yield and high-efficiency planting technology of “virus-free improved varieties + black film mulching + formula fertilization + mechanical tillage + disease and insect prevention and control”, and to build a special potato chip area with high added value of 100,000 mu in Liuba, Sanbao, Xihua, Xintian, Nangu and other towns.Minle county will strive to build into the national high-quality, high value-added processing potato production base, potato planting area is stable at more than 250,000 mu, special potato yield per mu increased from 2800 kg to 3500 kg, the production capacity of micro potato reached more than 100 million, the annual production of viral-free seed potato more than 120,000 tons.Relying on aiweke, Fengyuan potato industry, Tianrunyuan and other leading potato processing enterprises, the development of potato powder, starch, leisure food and staple food products and other whole industry chain deep processing, processing capacity reached 300,000 tons.Around the resources, technology, agricultural machinery and agronomy, supporting enterprises, operating mechanism and other aspects, united potato industry in the middle and lower associated enterprises, professional cooperatives, scientific research units, the establishment of industrial alliance, extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, integrated supply chain, do better and stronger county potato industry cluster.Correspondent Dou Bin Photo/Article disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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