At the dinner table on the tenth day of the lunar New Year, there was a face that had never shown a smile

Yesterday was the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Generally speaking, it is believed that the fifteenth day has passed the New Year.That is to say, before the fifteenth day of the first month, it is generally considered to be the Chinese New Year period.During the Chinese New Year, everyone likes to win a prize, the so-called door.On the 10th day of the first lunar month, he taught administrative Punishment Law in a law firm.After the lecture, it was already noon, and the sponsor reserved lunch. Although there was a business trip in the afternoon, it was Chinese New Year after all, so they stayed for a simple meal.The table is full of legal people, although not familiar with, but we hand over to each other to congratulate the New Year, wish a happy New Year!But there was one person who felt strange, because from beginning to end, I found him scowling and moping.Something must have happened to him, I thought.I didn’t ask any more questions because I wasn’t familiar with him, and sure enough, he told me what had happened.This is an old story, his son is the boss of many enterprises, young made some money, such a young man will naturally think that he has the power to control the wind and rain.He had a girlfriend three years ago, but they broke up.Some time ago, they met at a dinner party, so they both drank a little too much, especially the woman was drunk and vomited on the spot. Then they checked into a hotel room. According to the man, the woman was sober and actively cooperated to have sex, but the woman said she was drunk and forced to have sex.A man and a woman, who knows?The only thing that is clear is that the woman called the police the first time after she found herself lost, so the crime.This is a classic date rape.But unlike most of the rape cases we are familiar with, the woman did not make any demands for money.Several of us lawyers analyzed the case for a long time, and we all agreed that it was a difficult case to give advice.If the man were to plead guilty, of course, it would reduce the sentence, but in fact, it would make the man a rapist.If the man strongly denies the crime and faces at least one more year in prison, the advantage is to be able to say he was wronged.This judgment is not only difficult for us outsiders to judge, but also for the parties themselves. After all, this is to be exchanged and chosen at the cost of their own personal freedom.”My boy,” the father muttered over and over, “I know myself that he would never do such a bad thing.Poor parents all over the world.Engaged in the work of lawyers, often encounter such people and things, although it is the business of others, but always make their own mood very uncomfortable, because each of our cases are related to other people’s property, freedom and even life.In this sense, we should empathize more with the litigants and think more about the litigants. They encounter legal disputes, and then come to you, pour out their grievances and difficulties to you, pray for your help, and some are even willing to bear high lawyer fees. What kind of trust relationship is this?Unfortunately, due to our legal level is not sophisticated, due to a variety of reasons beyond our control, some cases can not be achieved, often think of here, needless to say the parties are not satisfied, in fact, as a lawyer I feel more guilty.We should be more careful, we should try harder, but are there things that lawyers can decide with hard work and sophistication?I don’t know.Often have a little time, always do their own case point open look, look at the gains and losses of handling cases and success or failure, especially those results are not satisfactory cases, always feel sorry for the trust of the parties.This trust always makes me feel heavy, at the end, makes me sick, makes me miserable.Also always look at those cases that are still in the process, think about how to do more smoothly, how to maximize the interests of the parties, afraid of sorry to the parties that trust.This trust let me often can not calm, always urged me to forge ahead, always let me work hard.In the New Year, I hope we will live up to our expectations and join hands with the parties concerned to contribute our meager efforts to fairness, justice and the rule of law.We can’t do everything well or please everyone, but we can stay true to our mission.This is also the 50th birthday of Lao Wang nostalgia.February 15, 2022

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