3 principles of doing business, 15 human wisdom!(Essential for business)

3 principles of doing business, 15 human wisdom!If you can understand half of it, it won’t be too difficult to make money.The first principle: business is to be a man, will be a man will make money.1.Be smart in business, but don’t be too stingy with people. Be generous and make more money.2.Business is humanitarian, no virtue will have no wealth;Small victories by wisdom, big victories by virtue;If you want to do big business, you must first have great virtue. Relying on intrigues and intrigues, it is impossible to make your business bigger and stronger.3.Learn to share money, is the biggest businessman worldly wisdom.For businessmen, it is always more important to have money scattered than to have money scattered.Remember: he who is popular gets the world, and he who is popular gets the money.4.Only to make money, is often a hammer deal;Win people first, then make money, business can do long.5.Keep good faith, good faith is the biggest intangible assets in business, and breaking faith is the biggest bankruptcy in business.Rule 2: Business is not human, keep good to make money.6.Ordinary people, can easily choose to turn against people, the worst is no longer dealing with each other.However, in business, it is important to make money with harmony, no matter when, it is best not to turn against people.7.Keep your peace of mind and be kind to everyone. No matter how angry you are, don’t show your emotions. Focus on making business and making money.8.It is easier for us to get along with each other if we compromise in everything.What like to contend with people, easy to attract bad luck;Give others more retreat, most of the time, is to leave a way to get rich.9.There is competition but also cooperation, some money, we earn together, is called business;Even if the competition is fierce, don’t use vicious tactics.10.A bigger picture, a longer vision, can see the overall situation and long-term interests, naturally not because of some small things at the moment and hurt the peace.Rule # 3: Network, because network is money.11.Exercise and improve their eloquence, improve their emotional intelligence, good at talking and handling affairs, but also to win good popularity and contacts.12.Make more friends and less enemies, do business after friends, friends do, let friends become your contacts resources, then there is no worry about business.13.Learn to use friends in business.Business is the interests of the field, business friends, not simply rely on feelings, the key or mutual use of value.In fact, in business, there are no friends made by emotion alone.14.Reach out to the best people in the business world and find people who can help you. Step by step is better than walking 100 steps by yourself.15.Downward compatibility, lower the profile, learn to deal with each level, each field of people, not necessarily to make friends with them, but also easy not to offend.Do business, want to make money, you have to follow certain principles, but also to understand some of the worldly wisdom, because business is not fighting killing, business is also the worldly wisdom!So, in addition to the above mentioned, as a businessman, should also follow what principles, should also understand what the world?If you want to learn and master more, here are two books recommended for you. These two books are “Principles” and “Learn a Little About the World every Day”.”Principles” is a prominent people such as Bill Gates, zhang ruimin, Fu Sheng, xiao-bo wu, and so on were reading a book, the author Salvador Dali’s is the world’s top fund, the founder of the hedge fund company bridge water is known as the “jobs” the investment community, comprehensive summary and share in the book the author forty years of business and life principle, the businessman will have a lot of inspiration,It’s worth reading again and again.”Every day to understand a bit of the world” this book, before many times recommended, the book about the world is suitable for all fields of people, naturally also including every business people, read this book, to do business to make money is also very helpful.These two books a classic, a popular, the former read may be difficult, but read, the benefit is very big, the latter is more down-to-earth gas and practical, so, here together to recommend everyone, interested friends, may wish to read attentively.For more exciting content, come to the full interpretation of the wisdom of life

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