The media said it would be very difficult for the KMT to win tainan, Mr. Hsieh: Anything could happen

On March 25, according to Taiwan media reported Tainan mayor finalized by the kuomintang Xie Longjie horse, Taiwan media revealed that the show people the kuomintang to nominate xie, is worried that if he run exactly “the kuomintang does not necessarily win, knife stab his heart”, Xie Longjie 25 take Han Guoyu for example response “kaohsiung mayor pre-election nobody will know Korea elected”.Think that anything can happen.Xie Longjie competition on behalf of the KMT in 2022 in tainan mayor campaign immediately attracted media focus, Taiwan media Huang Wei John immediately the kuomintang evaluate who will win, but the party at the grass-roots level and mp for xie, for Chen, originally named Chen to letter, just worry about if xie run to the end, the kuomintang (KMT) is equal to the knife from the heart.Even if nominated, Mr Hsieh is still some way from winning.Hsieh said Sunday that he understood the media’s comments on current affairs, and he analyzed the KMT’s election situation in a tough constituency, citing former Kaohsiung City mayor Yu Han as an example.It is said that The fact that No one believed that Han Yu would be elected one month before the 2018 election, and that he finally became a Korean wave in Taiwan, proves that politics is dark beyond the immediate horizon and that anything can happen, and the ultimate goal will be achieved only by starting from the grassroots.From long, choose all the way through, “legislators” to tainan mayor, Xie Longjie said, gold and precious metals is from scrap metal, “chicken excrement the grave also has three inches smoke”, think well positioned for, Taiwan has 30 years of political power “, “not people are impatient, and with the slogan” as long as people give me four years, I will give you glory for 40 years.”

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