The beds in the ward are similar to those in the kindergarten

At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai today, Lu Taohong, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, introduced the diagnosis, treatment and care of children infected with COVID-19.It is learnt that there are currently 153 children being treated in designated hospitals in Shanghai, and 63 asymptomatic patients are under quarantine. Among them, the youngest is more than 3 months old and the oldest is 17 years old. All of them are in stable condition.Lu Taohong said that children patients and adults are different, one is the treatment methods and drug doses are different from adults, and the other is that most children are relatively mild symptoms, asymptomatic infection, mild and ordinary type.Designated hospitals specially set up by the city’s pediatric specialist hospital medical team to undertake the specific work of children’s diagnosis and treatment: in medical treatment, there are children’s special diagnosis and treatment plan, every day by the senior professional title doctor round, according to the child’s condition timely adjustment of treatment plan, timely research and judgment of the disease, curb the occurrence of severe illness.Doctors also maintain online communication with parents about their child’s condition.In terms of care, adequate rest and nutritious meals are maintained, with special attention paid to the care and psychological support of children.To strengthen manpower, medical staff with rich experience in child care in municipal children’s specialized hospitals were transferred to do a good job in daily care, washing, eating, etc., to ensure the daily care of children.In addition to medical treatment and nursing, the third is the humanistic care of children, in the ward environment layout similar to the kindergarten bed, so that the young children feel more friendly, ease the uneasy mood, in addition to the hospital prepared art and manual materials for children to learn and entertainment.In addition, parents buy daily necessities and toys that children like online, and the hospital staff will transfer them to the ward on the same day.For the special necessities needed by children, parents can also send them to the hospital through online shopping for special personnel to accept and deliver them to children.

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