Road passenger transportation of epidemic prevention and control in key places during the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and the road passenger transport is about to usher in the return passenger flow peak.During the Spring Festival travel rush, there is a large flow of people in passenger stations and buses, which is easy to gather together. Therefore, road passenger transport departments should take regular epidemic prevention and control measures while ensuring the return of passengers.The Health supervision center of Liaoning province has reminded relevant departments and tourists to be sure of 9.Business ix Prepare masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention materials, formulate emergency work plans, set up emergency response areas, fulfill the main responsibilities of the unit, and strengthen personnel health knowledge training.We will keep a close watch on changes in the epidemic situation and promptly publicize the locations of positive cases.The staff should receive all vaccinations, and those who meet the conditions should receive booster doses.Establish a health monitoring system for staff, register daily, and seek medical treatment in case of suspicious symptoms.The staff conducts nucleic acid tests regularly as required.All persons entering the station and the train should wear masks correctly.Temperature measuring equipment should be set at the entrance and exit of the station to scan, measure and register passengers entering and leaving the station. Only those with normal body temperature and health code can enter or leave the station. Those with abnormal body temperature will be guided into the temporary isolation room and dealt with according to relevant regulations.If the health code and itinerary code are abnormal, report it in time.Travelers without a smartphone or health code are required to register their identity and major trips within 14 days.Reasonable arrangement of transport capacity, control the number of passengers within a certain period of time, to prevent people from gathering.The ticketing area, information desk, waiting room and ticket barrier are equipped with “1 meter line” to remind passengers to keep a safe distance.Strengthen ventilation.Use natural ventilation as much as possible. If centralized air conditioning is used, it should be operated in accordance with the Health Code for Operation and Management of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Offices and Public Places during COVID-19 (WS 696-2020).The frequency of stopping and rest in the service area should be improved appropriately, and the bus should be ventilated.Clean and disinfect public facilities (elevators, public toilets, etc.), public areas (ticket office, waiting area, carriage) and high frequency contact surfaces (tray tables, seat covers).Buses should be equipped with handheld temperature detectors to remind passengers to wear masks at all times.Hand sanitizer and running water should be provided in public toilets of passenger stations. Hand sanitizer should be provided in public areas.Set up a special trash can for used masks.It is not allowed to monitor changes in the epidemic situation and promptly announce the location of positive patients.Ventilation and disinfection system and measures should not be loosened.Public facilities and equipment, public areas, high frequency contact surface cleaning and disinfection system and measures should not be loosened.Overload operation shall not lead to crowd gathering.Staff with fever cough and other respiratory symptoms should not work.Staff who have not completed the third booster vaccination should not be on duty.Passengers with fever are not allowed to enter the passenger station directly.Passengers with abnormal health code and itinerary code are not allowed to enter.Passengers without masks will not be admitted.Source: Health Supervision Center of Liaoning Province

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