Is it professional skill or network that matters in career development?

01LL old iron -12 years of senior insurance sales all say that sales of this line of contacts, I just entered the line of time is also so think.But as I worked on it for a long time, I realized that wasn’t the case at all.LL Lao Tie has been engaged in insurance sales for 12 years, and he is a successful representative of the industry not only in terms of working years, but also in terms of personal career achievements.Through three stages, Lao Tie reveals which is more important in career: professional skills or connections.”It was my second year in the business, and I had a client, a private owner who was doing a good business and had a lot of contacts.I thought I’d made a good connection and I’d have a good future.””The boss is also very helpful, specially for me to make an appointment with many business friends, set up a dinner party, to his friends to help me pull business.I remember very well what he said when he introduced me.””He said: ‘This little brother is in the insurance business, you brothers need to take care of this little brother’.””As a result, all the guests are greeting a few words, said that there is a need for me, but the whole dinner, obviously wary of me, afraid that I introduce products to him, if I do, he will not buy, feel not interesting.That awkward atmosphere, I still remember.””You have no use value to others, contacts for you, is to deal with a group of unattainable god, as to whether you can realize your desire, that completely depends on the mood of god.””A few years later, I had just finished my life insurance financial planner certificate.The boss took me out for another dinner.This time it was some other business friends of his, but this time, when he introduced me, there was a definite change of tone.””What he said this time was: ‘Everybody, Mr. Liao is a great person in the insurance industry. If you have any questions about financial management, asset allocation or economic risks, you can consult Mr. Liao.'””The course of the dinner was obviously much happier. I answered many of the guests’ financial problems one by one. Later, several of them became my clients.They still introduce their friends to me and help them with their financial problems.””So, when I have value to them, I seem to have obtained the network of admission tickets, this time, they are truly willing to meet with me, we form the exchange of resources.””Not long ago, I finished the CFA financial Analyst exam.The boss made another appointment for dinner.This time the atmosphere at the dinner changed even more.””When he introduced me this time, he was obviously very proud. He said, ‘This is Teacher L, who is a financial analyst. If you have any questions about project investment or financial product investment, please consult Teacher L.’Throughout the dinner, I became the leading role, the guests are vying for advice, lest the time is long, their questions can not be answered.Of course, I also give every guest present a satisfactory answer, and finally almost all the guests at the scene, have become my customers behind.””When your ability exceeds most people and reaches an extreme level, you are the point that many contacts go after. Contacts from this time can really take yourself as the core and start to operate automatically for your career, and deliver more resources and interests continuously for you.””So, if you ask me which is more important, professional skills or networking.”I chose professional skills, and I felt that networking was the icing on the cake for my development, which didn’t really help much in the early days.”02 “I was also family connections, help me find the unit, there is no relationship in the unit, let alone promotion, is no way to come in.””But now THAT I have been doing this for several years, I find that guanxi alone has no obvious effect on the future. It may be related to my own ability.After all, I am not from the background of administrative management, and administrative management is basically a blank SLATE, so it is still very difficult for me to be promoted to an official position no matter how many connections I have in my family.””Last month, the director of the archives department resigned. I wanted my father to ask some uncles for help. To put it mildly, the position was not a big official, but a low-level supervisor.But several uncles said, I am still young, work experience is not enough, so not willing to help.I’m also thinking that networking doesn’t really matter when you don’t have the basic skills.””Now I also began to learn some knowledge of administration by myself, hoping to try to compete for a post after I enrich myself.If it were more important to have professional skills or connections, I would now choose professional skills.After all, if you don’t even have basic professional skills and knowledge, it’s unrealistic to just think of networking as a shortcut.”03 “If you don’t have the ability, the money you earn through networking is not enough to show filial piety to others.So I’ve failed so many times, and that’s what I feel most about.””At the beginning, I started my daily catering business according to my family’s advice, thinking that with so many contacts in my family, I would not lose anything.But it was not for nothing.Of course, at that time do not understand catering, management and taste are not good, also has a lot to do with.Which just goes to show, without it, all your connections don’t matter.After all, other people also spend money to consume. They can take care of your face once or twice, but not for a long time.””And later, in order to attract friends more, many of them are his own pocket to treat, the result has become the family to earn their own family money, looking at the ledger is struggling to maintain, in fact, the family’s money in continuous flow out.””Later, I also opened a company of Internet celebrities, imported foreign wine trading company and so on, the family connections, also in the early running procedures, do a certificate of what to give some convenience, or the opening of the early support, the following basically can not see people.And the family has spent a lot of money in recent years to start a business and start a business.””The old man always said, ‘When you start a business, the biggest loss is the money I spent on networking for you’.So, I also understand one thing, they have no ability, contacts are not reliable.Networking can be a great way to do business if you have the skills.””So instead of doing business that I didn’t understand, I now run a software company with some of my former college friends that specializes in customizing small programs for businesses.One is that he was also learning this, there is a foundation.On the other hand, the partners have all jumped ship from other big companies, so they have work experience and some early client resources, and now they are doing things much more quietly than before.””Several of my relatives’ companies are also my clients.And they now understand the new advantages of updated information technology, and they keep referring me to business.At this stage, I felt the effect of contacts for the first time.Now when I go to business, dad basically doesn’t have to show up to play the favor card any more. I actually solve problems.””But networking does play a big role.Dad’s friend helped a lot with a state-owned company we were talking about recently.After all, this kind of big project, without the door, we are not even qualified to talk about.And in such a competitive environment, if everyone is not the same at the technical level, it depends on who has the right connections.””So if I look at what’s really important, competence or networking.”I think you need both, but ability is always the basic requirement, and networking is only the catalyst for greater success once you have the ability.”04 many workplace people, hope to be able to help through contacts, to open up a quick transition shortcut.However, as the three professionals shared above, there is no ability as the premise of development, networking resources can not play a large space, and according to the extent of your ability, determines the cost of networking operation.If the career development is compared to a business, professional ability is your bargaining chip, if you have less bargaining power, others will have higher bargaining power, compared to your only thinking about business contacts, to open the situation, it is likely to cause more than the loss of the result.* Vocational skills are the summary of vocational ability and knowledge. They are the foundation in the development process. Only a solid foundation can lead to upward development.* Contacts resources, is a special resource.It has only the function of icing on the cake, and there is no role of timely help, if there is, it is with high hidden costs.I am old, please pay attention to me, let me become your workplace consultant.If you have career and entrepreneurship questions, leave them in the comments!Thanks for your support!

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