In the LG Cup finals on February 7th, Yang Dingxin trained in advance and Chinese weiqi beat Shen Zhen in advance

2021 is undoubtedly a sad year for Chinese Go.In advance all faults and faults are in common.In this year, Shenzhen achieved eight major achievements in civil war and foreign war.In the civil War, he was no longer as strong as he was in 2020. He fought byun Sang-il and lost to Park Jung-hwan by one.But in the external war, especially to the Chinese chess players, Xiao Shen showed more powerful power and dominance than before, he not only took the world championship from Tang Weixing (Chunlan Cup), the Nongxin Cup is a clear stage, really let the Chinese professional chess players face no light.In addition, most embarrassingly, Shenzhen did not lose a single match in advance in all competition against Chinese players in the latter half of the year.To be precise, he had a long 19-game winning streak against national players, from beating Yang Dingxin in the Bib A league on June 8, 2021 to beating Ding Hao in the Bib A League on January 20, 2022.The GuZi heroism potential bravely challenges actively ShenZhen Xu, fastest QiLi soared last year, the momentum of China’s most fiercely with kiway ShenZhen Xu before the Spring Festival is on top of the first world war, liu had high hopes, but the fact proved that: GuZiHao than ShenZhen Xu comprehensive, and kiway, also haven’t to Pierce his life and between “the enough time.The only good news is that China has a new talent: New Year’s Day post 2004 Wang Xinghao beat Shenzhen 2-1 in the Tencent TWT finals!Make chess fans jubilant, however, this match is not included in the Chinese Chess association “official match” statistics.So, the official record is still unbeaten.Time sequence came to this lunar year, year seven, turn Chinese chess player Yang Ding new appearance!And it’s a big deal.February 7th, 9th, 10th, the 26th LG Cup World Go Tournament.In advance, Shen Zhen, who beat Ke Jie to advance to the final, will advance to the final with Mi Yiting beating Yang Dingxin 9 Dan, currently ranked fourth in China, in a triple final.Both of Yang dingxin and SHEN Zhen are in common touch in advance, and this is in advance the first In Shen Zhen world Championship and Yang dingxin’s only world championship to date.In advance, Yang Dingxin is the 23rd LG Cup champion, and Shen Zhen is the 24th LG Cup champion in advance. In advance, both of them have a 5-5 record in competition. In general, this is a head-to-head and neck match, but In advance, Yang Dingxin is in a bad condition.Speaking of Yang Dingxin, as the only top chess player who did not go to college in his prime, Xiao Liu has been silently loving and supporting this persistent young man, and also likes his chess most, the content of which is very colorful and talented.Domestic do not want to do second person.But those replies Yang Ding new 2021 go hard, at the beginning, he are rated after KeJie ranked second, at the end of the year, were GuZiHao as 98 – year – old rivals, and, after the rapid rise of 00 kiway transcends has been reduced to the fourth, and fifth, China last year, only the champions league winner Mi yu also eyeing.Xiao Yang is in danger of falling from the ranks of the country’s top chess players.And, in particular, he has three defeats in a row in advance to Shenzhen in advance.In advance of 2021, Shenzhen were 2-5 in advance and 5-5 in advance in advance. In 2021, they won three victories in a row against Yang Dingxin, catching up in advance.In advance, Shenzhen and British universities highly admired Yang Dingxin, saying that he “…Is a first half of the strength of the strong, good sense of chess player.Technology leadership.”However, in advance of the LG semi-finals, Shenzhen said in advance that “although weaknesses in Yang dingxin have been observed, they cannot be disclosed at present”. In general, Shenzhen is likely to confirm the weaknesses in Yang Dingxin in the latter half of the competition after extensive research.However, it is not a secret, Tang Weixing has pointed out that Yang Dingxin in the second half of the power is very poor.Therefore, in spite of the current situation and heavy responsibilities, Yang Dingxin did not dare to rest in the Spring Festival and actively invested in the training for Shenzhen in advance. As you can see in the two pictures above, she even played a lot of chess games in the 30th day of the Chinese New Year.Win more, lose four sets.A little analysis of the four games lost, found that Yang Dingxin lost in a similar way.One of the first chess, is white lost to cold-blooded butcher Jiang Weijie.How did you lose?Down to 105 hands, or Yang Dingxin advantage is not a small situation, but above the white chess dragon is a robbery, Yang of course not willing to go to fill, but right down grab a hand.This is forcing Jiang Weijie to raise the butcher’s knife, (107 hands O7 points must be killed) even though the right white chess is made up, still relatively thin, give black a lot of material.The two sides to 134 hands, Yang Dingxin in tit-for-tat cold-blooded case killed in the relatively low miscalculation, Jiang Weijie 135 direct elimination.The game came to an abrupt end.This set of chess or Yang Dingxin hold white, big Shen Shen Min Jun.Shin wasn’t in the best shape last year.To 144, white is in a fairly favorable position.The focus is on how White attacks the float below black, which Yang dingxin needs to grasp.But in the face of force is not outstanding shen, Yang Ding new appeared soft hand again.An attack on black, white ate the dry three pieces, the price is black into the right, the central plains into the potential is also eliminated in invisible.He had to make up for it with a backhand (200 is a backhand), and when black 201 invaded the left, Daishen went all the way to win the match….Obviously, from the result see Yang Ding new attack appeared big disadvantage.Next to nothing.This third game, Yang Dingxin still hold white, to Party Yifei.Although the small party low-key, but a chess is very solid, rational steady diligent chess player.To 131, Yang Ding new situation is favorable, but he 132 hand take want to large-scale operation of the middle abdomen, too direct, because the black left chess is not worried about death or death, so the situation initiative to the hands of the Party Yifei.No pressure of the party yifei began to empty performance, small knife flying around, the cheap accounted for, the grass belly of white chess was a mess.The mood is bad Yang Dingxin can not go down, readily admit defeat.All three sets were reversed, and all of them were made by Yang’s initiative, giving his opponent an opportunity to take advantage.So, how to simplify the situation from the vantage point and lead to a credible victory.Yang dingxin has a lot of room for improvement.The first half of the set, Yang Ding new talent, although some elegant just as well, but to the second half of the set, the error tolerance rate is relatively low, if a move to lose the sense of proportion, and he can match the chess player, which is not sophisticated, good at grasping all reversal opportunities.In particular, in Advance.As for how to improve the reliability of the second half of the game without losing the weakness, in fact, Yang Dingxin can play more games with Ke Jie (good at stirring the disadvantage, full of uncertainty) and Ding Hao (good at winning the advantage, full of certainty).The Chinese chess association should not be too difficult to arrange.In advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance. In advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, in advance.

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