Cheers for the Beijing Winter Olympics with music

On the evening of February 6, local time, the “Chinese Style” concert was held at the Mozart Theater in Salzburg, Austria.This New Year concert in Salzburg is the first time that the “Chinese Style” brand has made its debut in Austria.A Spring Festival concert full of Chinese elements and festive atmosphere was held in Salzburg, the home of ice sports and classical music, to cheer for the just-opened Beijing Winter Olympic Games and to convey the Chinese New Year greetings and best wishes to the European audience.At the concert, jasmine Flower and Overture of The Light Cavalry are familiar to Chinese and foreign audiences.”Overture of Light Cavalry” is not only the representative work of Austrian composer Supe, but also appeared in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games athletes entrance song.Classical Chinese masterpieces, such as pipa arpeggio “Spring Flower and Moonlight Night”, violin Concerto “Butterfly Lovers”, male and female high-pitch chorus “Song of the Yangtze River” and piano concerto “Yellow River”, were played one after another at the concert, not only soothing the homesickness of overseas Chinese, but also showing the unique charm of Chinese classical music to The European audience.After the concert, the audience did not immediately leave, but quietly refused to leave in their seats, it seems that they are in the aftertaste of the wonderful performance, nostalgia for the theater long lost.The scene in which the song ends is touching.The reporter interviewed Chang Kai, president of the Association of Austria-China Cultural Exchange, the organizer of the event, about the preparation process of the concert and its connection with the Beijing Winter Olympics.Chang kai said that the Association has been engaged in cultural exchanges overseas for more than 20 years, but this concert is of special significance because it is a rare offline Chinese New Year concert overseas since the outbreak of the epidemic.The organizers have made great efforts to ensure that the concert does not cause the spread of the disease while allowing as many people to enjoy the concert as possible.”Since the outbreak, a lot of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries have shifted from offline to online. Although online videos can also be used to communicate, it is ultimately less direct and intuitive than offline activities.”Chang kai said that until the epidemic is completely over, we will give full play to our geographical advantages, mobilize existing cultural resources and carry out exchanges in a more down-to-earth way.For example, we have cooperated with Austrian art groups to hold Chinese-themed cultural events.This concert is a good attempt. In the future, autrC will also hold a concert with Schubert choir, singing Chinese and foreign classic songs, and organize the Chinese in Vienna to hold a choral concert. The annual United Nations Chinese Language Day is also in preparation.So although the epidemic has had a big impact on offline concerts, the influence of Chinese culture is still strong.Talking about the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Chang kai said that the hosting of this Winter Olympic Games made the Chinese living in The Olympics feel proud and proud, especially the high-tech presentation and ice and snow fantasy show at the opening ceremony.Austria is not only a country of music, but also a world power of ice and snow sports. Austria sent a delegation of more than 300 people this time, 106 of them are competitors, many of them are expected to win gold and silver, the lineup is very strong.He also introduced that in the past two years, a number of Chinese ice and snow sports teams have conducted intensive training for a long time at ski resorts in Salzburg and Tyrol region, and the Austrian winter sports community has also given full support to this and actively provided help for Chinese athletes in preparation for the Winter Olympics.(Our Correspondent in Vienna, Jiao Shousong, February 12)

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