Yunxi police hit hard and captured seven suspects involved in yellow law

Yueyang daily all media Recently, the yueyang changling police station of public security bureau cloud bureau to adultury and illegal behavior “strong-arm reaction, the policemen continuous jolt, every successful capture of shelter others to engage in prostitution suspects Liu Mouzhen (female, 56, cloud creek), shelter others to engage in prostitution illegal suspects named fragrant (female, 41, cloud creek), huang bin (male, 43,Jiangsu), prostitution and whoring illegal suspect Zhou mou (female, 39 years old, Yueyang Lou district), Qin Mou Mei (female, 39 years old, Luxi county), Bai Mou Rong (male, 41 years old, cloud creek) and other seven people.Changling case police learned in the work of Liu Zhen in a place of entertainment during the work of yuehua suspected of allowing others to prostitution.On March 8, the police quickly arrested him after mastering his whereabouts and summoned him to the law enforcement investigation area.After the trial, the suspect Liu Zhen confessed to the crime of hosting others for prostitution.Handling the case police in the interrogation process, through the expansion of the line deep digging, found that the entertainment venue in the original employee Zhou, Qin Mei in January to March this year, many times into the entertainment venues engaged in prostitution.March 10 to 15, the case of the police continued to attack, the success will stay others illegal prostitution suspect Guo Xiang, Huang Bin and prostitution staff Zhou, Qin Mei, Bai Rong and other six people have been arrested.After inquiry, illegal suspect Guo mou xiang, Huang Mou Bin truthfully confessed to the illegal fact that its shelter others prostitution.Illegal suspect Zhou, Qin Mou Mei and other four people truthfully confessed to their prostitution and whoring illegal facts.At present, the suspect Liu Zhen has been granted bail pending trial in accordance with the law, illegal personnel Guo Mou xiang, Huang Mou Bin has been detained for 12 days according to law, and a fine of three thousand yuan.Illegal personnel Zhou mou, Qin Mou mei were lawfully administratively detained for 15 days, and fined five thousand yuan.Illegal personnel bai Mou Rong and others were administratively detained for 10 days and fined 2,000 yuan.

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