You may not know it, but pensions have been robbing the rich to give to the poor

Our pension has been rising every year, but the increase has been declining. In 2021, the pension will see 17 consecutive increases, the increase is indeed the lowest in history, and the overall adjustment rate is only 4.5%.This year’s two sessions are also about to be held, not an accident, will also be announced this year’s pension adjustment plan.There has long been resentment about the high pensions some people receive, such as more than 10,000 yuan a month.And some people can only get more than 1,000 yuan a month, so some people say that the pension should not be given to retirees over 10,000 yuan, should be given to low-income, not equality, but the gap is not too large.What you don’t know is that pensions have been robbing the rich and giving to the poor.From the perspective of pension adjustment and pension income, pension adjustment is how to “take from the rich and give to the poor” : Taking Guangdong Province as an example, the pension adjustment of Guangdong Province in 2021 is divided into quota adjustment, hook adjustment and tilt adjustment. Quota adjustment: each person increases 45 yuan per month, hook adjustment:2. Linked with the number of years of contribution, the contribution will increase by 1 yuan every full year, the minimum 15 yuan, tilt adjustment: 70-79 years old increase by 30 yuan 80-89 years old increase by 50 yuan 90-99 years old increase by 100 yuan 100 years old and above increase by 300 yuan.Let’s take a 70-year-old woman as an example. Lao Wang’s basic pension was 3,000 yuan/month before the adjustment, while Lao Li’s was 7,000 yuan/month before the adjustment, and the contribution period is 35 years. Let’s see how much money they have increased respectively.Lao Wang: 45 (quota) +3000*1.8% (basic pension hook) +35 (pay fixed number of year hook) +30 (tilt) =164 yuan;Lao Li: 45 (quota) +7000*1.8% (basic pension linked) +35 (pay fixed number of years linked) +30 (tilt) =236 yuan;Mr. Wang’s pension adjustment range 164/3000*100%=5.47% Mr. Li’s pension adjustment range 236/7000*100%=3.37% Although in terms of specific amount, Mr. Li’s pension increase is higher than Mr. Wang’s, but in terms of pension increase range, Mr. Wang is more than 2% more than Mr. Li’s.Annuity income we can look from annuity income, annuity is handed in more get more.How to see income?It is better to calculate the payback time directly, the faster the payback time, the higher the return, vice versa.For the convenience of calculation, we assume that the average social salary is 6,000 yuan per month (the actual situation varies from region to region). According to the rate of 20% for flexible employment personnel (12% for overall planning and 8% for individuals), we calculate the two payment brackets of 60% and 300% respectively, and the payment cost, expected treatment and expected rate of return for 30 years.First understand the calculation formula of pension: pension = basic pension + personal account pension basic pension = average monthly salary of local employees in the previous year of retirement × (1+ I average pay index over the past year) ÷2× pay fixed number of years ×1%PS: I average pay index over the past year, can be understood as the average of the pay position over the past year.Individual account annuities = individual account stores the forehead ÷ plan hair month number this “plan hair month number” just use computation retire in those days annuities, have nothing to do with actual extend month number, actual meeting is lifelong extend.After understanding the formula, let’s take a look at the respective payback time and rate of return for the two payment stalls.It is obvious that the less you pay, the faster you return, the higher the rate of return.No matter in terms of pension adjustment or income, it is tilted towards low pension.So you can see why pensions are robbing the rich and giving to the poor.Is that the choice after as far as possible low capture cost?If you are flexible employment to pay employees for retirement, then I suggest that you can indeed choose to pay less.It’s not just the rate of return.The most crucial is, because flexible obtain employment hands in the worker provide for the aged, as a whole the charge of the part also is oneself assumed.If you die without getting the principal back, you can only return the balance of your personal account. The pooling part is not refundable. If you really die before retirement, the pooling cost will not be refundable.And if you have a formal job, how much do you pay?In what gear?Not by oneself say what to say, and plan as a whole the annuities of part is a company to assume, hand in namely of course higher had jumped over.# Protect the silver Age world

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