The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have aroused a warm response among the foreign teachers and students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

China New Network Shanghai news on February 11Kim Siang Khaw, a Malaysian Lee Chong Do Scholar at the Lee Chong Do Institute, said, “I first experienced skiing at the Nagano Winter Olympics when I was studying in Japan more than 10 years ago.More than 10 years have passed, the charm of the “Winter Olympic Stadium” still impresses me.During the Spring Festival this year, China will host the Winter Olympics. As an overseas Chinese, I feel very proud and excited to see the Chinese athletes have won many victories in the Winter Olympics.In fact, scientific research and sports are very similar, both are in the pursuit of transcendence and breakthrough, it can be said that ten years of sharpening a sword.In particular, I participated in the high-precision frontier scientific research work of the International Cooperation Group, which can be said to have been practicing the Olympic motto: Higher, Faster, Stronger — More united!Yohei Watanabe, a Japanese teacher at the School of Foreign Languages, said Beijing is the first Olympic city in history to host both the Summer and winter Olympics.The opening ceremony set art, science and technology, romance in one, the atmosphere and do not lose simplicity, especially the use of 24 solar terms as a countdown, artistic conception is beautiful, very clever thinking, multi-modal artistic presentation effect makes me amazing.The Winter Olympic Games is also a good platform for science popularization. As the host country of this Winter Olympic Games, China will seize this opportunity to drive more ordinary people to understand and participate in ice and snow sports and feel the charm of ice and snow.I believe That China’s openness and inclusiveness will also promote unity and friendship among people of all countries. Let us look to the future and embrace a better tomorrow together.Amanda Florian, a 2019 American master’s student in the Department of New Media at the School of Media and Communication, said the Beijing Winter Olympics are definitely the focus of global attention these days.I watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in the United States and was deeply impressed.My friends and I are talking about our favorite winter Olympic athletes.I think the most important thing in the game is not to win or lose, but to keep working hard and never give up the dream. I admire every player!Pauline Wang, a Canadian undergraduate majoring in materials science and engineering in the Class of 2020 at the University of Michigan, said the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was an impressive display of Chinese culture and technology.It’s not just a ceremony, it’s a huge, beautiful, global gathering.As the rest of the world faces severe challenges from COVID-19, it is a miracle that China has overcome all the difficulties and managed to make everything work.”I think hosting the Olympic Games not only tests a country’s overall strength, but also its determination to scale the world stage,” said Thomas, a French master student majoring in energy and Power at ecies De Vience in Paris in class 2021.The year I moved to China coincided with the Beijing Olympics, and I was exposed to the grand and exquisite cultural elements in front of my television set, represented by collective symbols of martial arts, dance and visual technology at its finest.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics broke new ground in terms of sensory experience and technological innovation.The Winter Olympics themselves are also great to watch, with the fierce competition of different national teams in various sports arousing the enthusiasm of spectators.Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the third jump of the freestyle skiing platform, and the Chinese women’s football team was crowned the 9th Asian Cup champion in history. The successive victories symbolized that the power of Chinese women’s sports is ushering in a new round of bloom.As an engineering student, I also paid attention to the technical application of this Winter Olympic Games, such as cloud computing 4K high-definition event broadcast, and the successful realization of low-carbon ice making by using carbon dioxide refrigerant, all of which demonstrated the concept of high-tech and green environmental protection.With the smooth operation of the Beijing-Zhangjia-Tianjin Smart high-speed railway and the integration of strict control and epidemic prevention in the Tianjin-Hebei region, it is believed that the Winter Olympics will come to a successful conclusion.Huang Willy, a 2019 French master student majoring in mechanical Engineering at EcOLE Des Engineers de Paris, said that as a French Chinese, I feel very proud that the Olympic flame can be lit in China again.The colorful opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games provided us with a visual feast, which contains a lot of Chinese elements, China with its own culture to the world.Ice dancing, snow competition, the beauty of sport, power and art also ignited the public enthusiasm and attention to the Olympic Games.The Chinese short track speed skating team won its first gold medal.You can see everyone trying their best in the game. That’s sportsmanship.Wish the athletes can achieve good results, Chinese athletes come on!”The Beijing Winter Olympics demonstrated an unexpected simplicity and atmosphere that embodies the confidence and broad-mindedness of modern China,” said SYROUS IRANI, a 2020 Iranian postgraduate student in the Department of Biology at the College of Life Sciences and Technology.On the one hand, the simple expression shows the idea of “leaving white space” in Chinese art aesthetics and brings the attraction of their own reverie to the global audience. On the other hand, it emphasizes the culture of the world and appeals to the world to move towards the future with a united mentality.The concept of the opening ceremony was deeply rooted in my heart. Finally, the torch of the Big Snowflake Center was lit, which deeply reflected the community with a shared future for mankind. People of the world live in a global village and should help each other.Just as my major is related to life, human beings are just like a living organism. Countries must unite.China has taken the lead in showing the world the effect of solidarity in poverty alleviation and the fight against COVID-19. I hope this solidarity will also reach out to the world and serve people all over the world.Humanities college of Chinese international education level 2020 Moroccan postgraduate HASNAE NAOUI MengQi (Korea), said although not seen cheering for the Olympic athletes, but as a representative of the jiaotong university ShiJianTuan members, able to sit on the Olympic theme “Renaissance” high-speed trains, cheer for Beijing Olympics power, blessed athletes Shouting,I feel very honored and very proud.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was really a feast for the eyes. All the dancers danced with a very good rhythm. It was obvious that they had practiced for a long time.In the Winter Olympics, there is no regret as long as you work hard, whether you win or not.YINSONG DONG, a 2019 Canadian undergraduate student from the School of Foreign Languages, said, “I was very impressed by the opening ceremony performance of the Winter Olympics. I was particularly impressed by the idea of lighting the torch, which made me feel that China attaches great importance to the concept of human solidarity and sustainable development.”I think people of all countries should unite as one, overcome barriers and prejudices, and work together for a better future for the earth.The mascot of Beijing Winter Olympic Games “Bing Dwen Dwen” is so cute. I will continue to pay attention to the Winter Olympic Games and cheer for the athletes.Editor: Xu Jing

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