Road of life, while walking forget……

Life is like a road, there are twists and turns, there are smooth smooth, there is a sunny road, there are sheep trail, not smooth, there has been no twists and turns.Life is like a road, we are all on the way, some people walk while watching the scenery, some people day and night without rest.Some carry heavy burdens, others choose to carry them lightly.On the back of the pack, we are adults, unpack, we are children.In life, there are always some things we have to put down, there are always some people we have to forget, there are always some feelings we have to lose.Take it no matter what.All the roads, the scenery, all stay in the past.All happy, sad, just become memories.Don’t complain about anything, really strong people, not negative decadent, but dare to face.Maturity lies not in age, nor in the number of roads we have traveled, the number of events we have experienced, or the number of years we have lived, but in our long life, we have learned to forgive and cherish.Life is like a road, road is like life, step by step, a landscape all the way, experience some things, meet some people, to grow up a little bit, strong up, bid farewell to their fragile!Life is a road, we are all on the way.Walking, old, alive alive, no, the scenery on the road is memories, taste the taste of life!

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