Limited to 600 sets!Only 339,800 yuan!The Explorer 30th Anniversary edition has been reloaded

Not long ago, Ford Explorer “30th anniversary edition” officially launched, selling price 339,800 yuan, the global limited 600!It is a symbol of adventure blood red and symbol of indomitable black covered body, to yong Shi spirit forged new armor, with more brave, more determined shape, pay tribute to every conquest adventure yong Shi!Now the next order car, not only have double welfare plus, but also enjoy the value of over 11,000 yuan original accessories!– Enjoy high 12,000 yuan replacement subsidy ①;– Enjoy 36 zero-interest financial programs with up to $13,000 financial discount.* Time: March 1 — March 31, 2022.(1) For limited license cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan), the maximum can enjoy the replacement subsidy of 12,000 YUAN.② Enjoy 36 zero-interest financial programs, up to 13,000 yuan of financial discount.* Contact your local distributor for details.80 years as the founder of SUV, 30 years as the world’s leading flagship SUV master, 6 generations of inheritance, amazing heritage breeds intrepid explorers!On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of explorers, “30th Anniversary Edition” will embark on a dream pursuit journey with over 8 million explorers, creating a new path with blood and perseverance, paying tribute to fearlessness with strength, and realizing the advancement of life in the adventure!The brave shi armor melted by blood and determination is the inheritance of the spirit of adventure!In appearance, the 30th Anniversary edition pays homage to adventure Yong Shi with a purer, highly avant-garde design language!For this magnificent engine put on armor, the more oppressive front face modeling with you break the wind forward, the road resistance in front of yong Shi also want to give way to the fearless spirit!With the red blood for the rearview mirror dyeing, to create a moment to protect yong Shi comprehensive guard pupil, indomiantly yong Shi spirit takes you to take in a glance of higher scenery!”Glory golden rank” for yong Shi power, with yong Shi to regain lofty pride, yong Shi spirit to explore, to conquer, to surpass, to lead the next new life!Belong to yong Shi decoration medal body, this fearless proof that yong Shi journey more dazzling, seemingly insignificant MEDALS can also bloom belong to yong Shi great light!All-black super-large 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels, which are unique boots belonging to Yong Shi, take Yong Shi to break through obstacles, let yong Shi figure sweeping the earth, longitudinal travel life boundaries!The powerful rear bumper is the strong backing of Yong Shi, which not only makes yong Shi move forward without worries, but also conveys the unique strong sense of power, highlighting the unique power aesthetics!”30th anniversary edition” more yong Shi equipped with “triumph backpack”, help yong Shi set out, return harvest full load!30 years of flagship way, core strength fearless challenge!30 years of flagship approach, 6 generations of inheritance……Ford Explorer’s core strength gives consumers everything they need!”30th Anniversary Edition” inherits the excellent performance genes of explorers, equipped with the “Double Top ten” — upgraded version of the fourth generation EcoBoostⓇ2.3T engine, peak torque 425N·m, with the 10AT transmission to achieve millisecond shift, the amazing explosive power of the 7-second club let you enjoy!Based on CD6 platform, the 50:50 balance weight of front and rear axles can achieve a minimum turning radius of 5.9m, and accurate driving control is comparable to that of coupes.The use of high 1700MPa cold quenched martensitic steel pouring high strength cage body, to provide you with all-round protection at the same time, but also to further control the support!Unique “six modules is” four terrain at the same level management system, can according to the real-time traffic and owners intentions in the standard, economy, sports, prevent slippery, snow sand, rough road six kinds of mode switch, make it easy for you to face any road conditions, after more based on displacement platform to build intelligent all-wheel-drive, can achieve 0% : 100% torque distribution to 50% :50% torque distribution brings unrivaled handling and stability, allowing you to adapt and break through obstacles!

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