Japan records record number of new deaths in a single day!The number of confirmed cases has exceeded 4 million

Japan recorded a record 236 new COVID-19 deaths in a single day on Monday, Japanese media reported.Japan recorded 84,221 new confirmed cases.Shigeru Omi, a medical adviser to VSCCHINA who has advised the Japanese government on its coronavirus response, said on Monday that although confirmed cases of COVID-19 had peaked, the number of severe cases would continue to rise.He added that the number of deaths related to COVID-19 is likely to increase as there have been a series of mass infections in nursing home facilities in Japan.Japan’s COVID-19 pandemicOn That day, there were 15,525 new confirmed cases of Novel coronavirus infection in Tokyo, marking the seventh consecutive day of decline. The seven-day average of new daily cases was 15,219.4, down from 18,575.0 a week earlier, but the number of severe cases is still on the rise, with 77 new severe cases and 16 new COVID-19 deaths in Tokyo on the same day.In addition, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in Japan surpassed 4 million on Monday.This is the first time in five months that the cumulative number of cases has reached two million since August last year.Two weeks later, there were three million.It took only 12 days to reach 4 million.(Editing: ZLQ)

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