Husband and wife conflict parked the car in the emergency lane, police a patient mediation solution knot

Yangtze Evening News network On February 1 (reporter Zhou Jian reporter gao Feng) Lunar New Year, Suqian traffic police high speed a brigade of foreign police Yang Jianchao initiative to give up and family reunion, continue to stick to the post, leading auxiliary police patrol on the highway.The couple had an argument on the way and parked in the emergency lane.At 1:00 PM on February 1, Yang Jianchao led auxiliary police Jiang Yongwu patrol to The Beijing-Shanghai expressway Shanghai direction 781 km, found a white car parked illegally in the emergency lane.Yang Jianchao in a good safety alert after getting off to understand the situation, the original driver and his wife because of some trifles made contradictions, both sides of each other, each other, the driver has so-and-so angry parked in the emergency lane.The police severely criticized susui’s illegal parking in the emergency lane and persuaded both sides patiently.After the police’s heart-in-heart mediation, the couple restored calm, recognize the harm of illegal parking and humbly accept punishment.Sui so-and-so left the police contact information, said safely arrived in Changzhou mother-in-law home to the people alarm sound peace, the Spring Festival police to stick to the post of warm help repeatedly thank, sincerely wish the police a happy New Year.The couple said they must learn lessons, manage their emotions and drive safely.Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan

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