Zunyi, Guizhou: Sun Jihai was appointed as the director of campus football youth training in Zunyi

China overcame South Korea 3-2 in the final of the 20th Asian Women’s Cup in India on February 6, Beijing time, to win the trophy for the 9th time in its history.China women’s Football Asian Cup gold medal undoubtedly to Chinese football in the cold winter into a warm current.After the event, appeals to continue to lay a solid foundation, the implementation of the youth football league voice again.The paper reporter noticed that the wechat official account of “Zunyi Publishing” posted a message on February 13:On February 12, the former Chinese national football team captain, England football hall of fame player, hi ball technology co., LTD., chairman of Beijing John a line order came, understand zhunyi campus football development present situation, and zhunyi education sports bureau signed a cooperation agreement, to promote the campus football development benefits, power zhunyi city to create a campus football characteristics.Agreement is clear, employ John as zunyi football school (hereinafter referred to as the zunyi distraction) chancellor, hi ball technology co., LTD. Beijing will be effected according to the zunyi distraction demand to the transportation afc professional level coaches, led the nation’s top level (level coaches B qualification for not less than the Chinese football association) coaches team, will be the distraction of zunyi national first-class professional school.At the same time, Sun Jihai was hired as the director of campus football youth training in Zunyi city, and helped Zunyi hire the highest level of national football coaches as the city youth football youth training consultant.Based on the headquarter camp of “All Stars” training camp in Zunyi city, it introduces top coaches and lecturers in China, periodically provides training for local coaches and football teachers in Zunyi, and carries out training and guidance work for 15 sub-camps.In addition, the two sides will also be in the construction of campus football benefits of high level sports teams, construction of campus football propaganda benefits brand, a total of xing zunyi football industry, push the big data promoting body fusion pilot, etc, to carry out the depth cooperation, achieve the goal of complementary advantages and win-win strategy, strive to promote the development of campus football to realize a new round of high quality benefits.The paper news reporter noted that Zunyi in recent years in China’s southwest area youth football development field achievements quite a lot.Southwest Branch of China Football Academy (also known as “Zunyi Football School”) has become the single football base for excellent sports reserve talents of Guizhou Province in 2021-2025 period.On the other hand, Sun Jihai is also a member of the national men’s football team whose head coach Li Xiaopeng is now.(This article is from thepaper.cn. For more original news, please download thepaper.cn APP.)

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