Zhang Yuhuan inverted door?Newly married moved to his wife’s home, Zhang Yuhuan: Thanks for Sister Wang’s care

On February 14, Zhang yuhuan formed a new family and officially tied the knot with Wang, who had been together for a year.There are questions about this, Zhang Yuhuan was released from prison and received 4.96 million yuan compensation, the woman who married Zhang Yuhuan is for zhang Yuhuan this person, or for Zhang Yuhuan this 4.96 million yuan compensation?Not only that, After zhang Yuhuan got married, he moved to his wife’s home, Ms. Wang. You know, Zhang Yuhuan has two sons, and she didn’t choose to live with her son, but moved to Ms. Wang’s home. Did Zhang Yuhuan choose to live in the inverted door?Zhang yuhuan responded that although it is convenient for her and her son to live together, her son has a heavy workload and has no time to spend with her.Moreover, Ms. Wang also lives alone. Now Ms. Wang has retired, and the most important thing is that they are married and living together is more convenient.There is no inverted door.Through observation can find newlywed Zhang Yuhuan and before compared to have a very big change, now Zhang Yuhuan smile every day, life is moist.Zhang yuhuan also posted that she has been with Wang Jie for more than a year, and she has been taking care of him and guiding him in all aspects of knowledge.I had a lot of fun with her and exercised every day.Zhang Yuhuan has been in prison for such a long time, and has been out of touch with society, so the necessary social guidance is indispensable, and Wang Jie is the most appropriate person.Zhang Yuhuan can be the most intimate guidance and care, so that Zhang Yuhuan as soon as possible into the present society.Although Zhang received 4.96 million yuan in compensation, there is little left.Zhang yuhuan said she would compensate her two sons with 2 million yuan and use 1 million yuan each to buy a house.At the same time, I have to help people repair their houses, which is not a small expense.Zhang also said he gave 100,000 yuan to his ex-wife Song xiaogu for her retirement.Leave a part of their emergency use, calculate down this 4.96 million yuan has little left.Ms Wang may not covet this compensation, but really good to Zhang Yuhuan.Time, false can not stand the test of time, Ms. Wang is greedy compensation or really good to Zhang Yuhuan, will soon be able to see.

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