Why didn’t Li Si support Fu Su, and the relationship between Li Si and Fu Su was revealed

If you are familiar with history, you know that fusu, the first emperor’s eldest son, was supposed to succeed to the throne. But in the end, due to the design of li Si, the prime minister, and zhao Gao, the eunuch, the 18th son of the first Emperor, Huhai, succeeded to the throne.Let’s decipher the relationship between Prime Minister Li Si and Fusu through a series of historical documents.At that time, the eldest son, Fusu, had been supported by Meng Tian, the general of the Qin Dynasty, and had a friendly relationship with meng Tian’s family forces. If Fu Su became the emperor, meng Tian and meng Tian’s family forces would definitely be rewarded the most.Prime Minister Reese won’t get too much benefit and may even be pushed out by Montaigne.This is likely to be a thankless task for Lees.2. Li Si’s political philosophy was completely different from Fusu’s. Fusu’s consistent political philosophy was to recuperate the people’s livelihood and appease the survivors of the six states by appeasing them.But prime Minister Li si’s political philosophy is more worship legalist, advocate to govern the country with a strong iron hand.Then two people with different political ideas can not govern a country well together.3. Then there was the eunuch Zhao Gao, who bewitch and even threatened the prime minister Li Si. Meanwhile, fusu, the eldest son at that time, was also not in the capital.In this way, Li Si stood against Fusu and, together with Zhao Gao, appointed Huhai as the second ruler of the Qin Dynasty.4. For their own interests, if The prime minister Li Si supports Fusu, the position of the prime minister may not be Li Si’s after Fusu becomes the emperor. As mentioned above, even if Li Si is still the prime minister, li Si’s ambition cannot be realized due to their different political views.Taken together, these factors led Prime Minister Li Si to choose The side of Huhai.This is also a series of reasons why Li si did not support Fusu.I believe that after reading this article, you have a general understanding of why Li Si did not support Fusu.

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