Joint venture hard pure electric SUV, GaC Mitsubishi Atuke officially launched, priced from 199,800 yuan

On March 23, in a grand online press conference, GAC Mitsubishi’s first pure electric SUV AIRTREK was officially launched. The pioneer version and the core version of the two models were launched, and the price after subsidy was 199,800 yuan and 229,800 yuan respectively. At the same time, the car owners also brought rich car purchasing rights.Concrete appearance, vanguard modelling as gac and MMC’s first new energy cooperation models, figure o ke adopted at present of pure electric vehicles rare hard modelling, modelling of front grille adopted Dynamic shields family design, four horizontal grid and on both sides of the “C” word collocation is very much like a hand Shield, plus split type LED headlamps,The overall car face shape is simple, the lines are full of tension, and the charm of the shape is not obvious.The horizontal sculpture LED combination taillight combines 166 light beads inside, echoing the hexagonal three-dimensional design of the tail, showing the SUV model’s sense of stability and power.Popular designs such as hidden door handles and floating car roofs are also on display in Atuco.Technology trends, never backward interior design figure o ke also do very well, adopt mitsubishi, a new generation of interior design style, Japanese unique hospitality interior horizontal encircle, every detail carefully burnish, where the user can touch, use soft package material to cover large area, realize the visual and tactile delicate Oriental aesthetics.The 12.3-inch HD dashboard displays real street scenes in real time and overlays virtual route directions, making it easy to navigate any road segment, wySIWYG.The new generation of Iflytek XTTS voice supports sound source positioning and depth control of the vehicle. With practical and efficient communication methods, each trip will be filled with tacit understanding.More practical intelligent technology configurations, such as APP vehicle intelligent interconnection, immersive in-car atmosphere light, mobile phone wireless charging, rest mode/rainstorm mode, air-clean fresh AIR and oxygen purification system, reflect Altuko’s deep insight into the intelligent needs of consumers.In addition, Altuco is also equipped with L2 level automatic driving assistance system. The whole car is equipped with 9 high-performance radars and cameras as the hardware support, and the addition of 7 driving assistance functions such as ACC adaptive cruise enables users to have a reliable assistant along with each departure.In terms of hardcore pure electric experience, Atuke is built based on the exclusive platform of aluminum alloy pure electric to achieve a 50:50 weight ratio before and after, with the advantages of high safety, lightweight, high performance and high durability. It gives consideration to both sports and comfort, and the core is born from within.Three-in-one high-performance integrated electric drive, maximum power up to 165kW, maximum torque up to 350N·m, bringing a deland deli driving experience, explosive power always online, the distance is in front of you.69.9kwh large capacity 33 yuan lithium battery pack, CLTC operating range of 520 km, urban travel can be charged once a week, suburban intercity traffic can also feel safe to travel.The lithium battery pack has passed nearly 100 tests, which is safe and reliable, and the number of test items is nearly 4 times of the national standard. At the same time, it is equipped with high-precision BMS battery management system, and the estimation accuracy of remaining power can reach 3%, and the battery life is clear.The core platform is equipped with high-energy and complete power system, so that users can enjoy the pleasure of high-performance driving.Core product strength, rich owners’ rights.Atuke, as a great gift for consumers on the 10th anniversary of GAC Mitsubishi, will become a milestone model for THE transformation and upgrading of GAC Mitsubishi and the new pattern of the development of the new energy industry.In the future, GAC Mitsubishi will continue to deepen the new cooperative research and development mode between shareholders and shareholders, gather superior resources, speed up the introduction of new models, establish a new benchmark for the value of joint venture new energy vehicles, stride into a new era of new energy industry development, and bring more unique brand characteristics of new energy vehicles to consumers.Written last: Atuke combines mitsubishi’s global design language, GAC Mitsubishi’s specialized manufacturing process, and GAC Group’s advanced technology in the new energy field.With dynamic design, luxury and comfort, superior technology, pure electric driving control and safe product advantages, it will bring users unique core energy and hard experience, and jointly drive the fun of exploration with users to open a new life of 5+2 pure electric.

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