In the first quarter of 2022, key projects in the province will be launched in Jinghe New Town

On the morning of February 7, the focus on the launching of key projects in the first quarter of 2022 was held in the province. The main venue was located at skyworth Intelligent Electronic Production Base project site in Jinghe New Town, Xi Xian New Area.The construction of 19 key projects in Jinghe New Town started at the same time, with a total investment of 33.207 billion yuan.As one of the opening projects in Shaanxi in 2022, Jinghe New City Creative Intelligent electronic Production Base project has attracted wide attention.The project has a total investment of 10 billion yuan and is expected to generate an average annual output value of about 14.29 million yuan per mu, with an average annual tax revenue of about 720,000 yuan per mu and about 8,000 jobs.According to introducing, the project construction goal is to build in shaanxi province has influence and competitiveness of the Internet of things intelligent household industrial park, its products will promote the intelligent terminal of AI techniques and 3 c batteries in the field of intelligent kitchen electrical, intelligent household realization of software and hardware integration application development, market scale and the use of skyworth terminal platform advantages,Build a technology-leading “Internet of Things + home” ecosystem.In addition, jinghe New Town jinghe • Wisdom center, composite intelligent automatic silk laying machine, Xiwu two electronic information Group new factory, Sima motor, 1980 Jing manufacturing center and other projects are concentrated on the day of construction.Since 2021, the investment of billions of longji can green and skyworth intelligent electronic industrial park, successively in many new intelligent commercial steam shan new energy automotive innovation center also landed smoothly in many new town, with a total investment of about 2.56 billion yuan shan coal research institute of new energy materials industrial park, many new collaborative innovation center, a large number of key projects are starting to open here.Even at the end of 2021, during the outbreak of many new city new signing the investment of nearly 3 billion yuan still longji can green central institute of project and investment of 2 billion yuan xiang teng aviation aerospace industry calculation of the integrated circuit industry, its powerful kechuang industrial adsorption force, abundant advanced manufacturing industry base, will further promote the city of fusion,For jinghe New city high – quality development into inexhaustible power.In recent years, many new towns acclimatize xian “north across the” major strategic development, relying on the big xi ‘an “trillion-dollar industrial corridor” development opportunity, to “xian north across the strategic core zones” for the development of positioning, to “do the best ecological environment, bring up talents, get together the most high-end industry” for the development of path, to accelerate the strategic highland preempt the emerging industries,To build a “new engine of scientific and technological innovation and a new highland of advanced manufacturing”, strive to build a center of science and technology, innovation, talent, leisure and livable center, continue to strengthen the brand influence of the “smart jinghe river” city, and become a city of rapid rise, innovation and vitality, and a city suitable for living and working.

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