Baixin Bank launched the first NFT digital collection in the banking industry

Recently, Baixin Bank released its first NFT digital collection on the occasion of its 4th anniversary, simultaneously launching the two-dimensional image of “AI virtual brand officer” and shaping the virtual IP with a sense of science and technology and fashion.Based on blockchain technology, the collection is unique and immutable. Owned by Baixin Bank, it is the first NFT digital collection in the banking industry.It is understood that the collection has been officially entered baidu Xirang App digital art exhibition area on December 27, which is the first time baixin Bank appeared in the meta-universe conference, but also a creative attempt for the meta-universe digital assets field.Digital life is getting closer and closer to our lives. In the leading player of the previous hit sci-fi movie, the hero can be seen living in a virtual space.The identity assets he uses are all virtual digital.Through digital technology, the hero can survive in a set of unreal and changeable scenes to reverse life.With the rapid development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality, the metasomes industry is booming, and the seemingly unreachable metasomes are gradually moving from virtual to real, becoming an important track of the digital economy.As the original digital pratt & Whitney bank, Baixin Bank has a natural coupling with the digital economy.Since its birth, it has been exploring digital innovation, brand rejuvenation, product value transmission and other directions, and conducting brand mind dialogue with young users through virtual digital people, short videos, live broadcasts and other ways.The release of the virtual IP more emphasis on youth, fashion, with obvious mother brand Logo Logo, triggered user resonance.In the near future, Baixin Bank will release hyperrealistic digital people to truly break the dimensional wall and become a super AI digital employee.Chen Longqiang, chief strategy officer of Baixin Bank, said, “This issue of digital collection is our attempt to welcome the meta-universe. As the next generation Internet, the way banks interact with customers, the way of products and services, and even the form of banks may change significantly in the future.As William Gibson said, “The future is here, it just hasn’t caught on yet.”The meta-universe may be a bigger sea of stars, let’s hope for it!

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