The wicked for the possession of his brother’s wife under the ruthless, how god is clear, retribution will soon come

During the reign of Emperor Kangxi, one year there was a flood in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. The fields and farms of the people were all flooded by the rain, and many of the hungry people became beggars, while some of the old, weak and disabled who could not walk directly starved to death.One of them, an honest man surnamed Chen, was planning to go to his relatives who worked as an official in Songjiang County.However, his beautiful young wife felt uncomfortable after hearing this. For one thing, she did not know whether there would be other changes in the way because of the long journey.And the road is not safe.She confided her ideas to her husband, but he didn’t listen to his wife’s advice.No way, the couple soon set out.Two people choose to set out by boat, there is much hardship on the way, very not easy to get to Songjiang County unfortunately by his wife said, relatives were suddenly appointed to other places.And at this time two people who are not much, can only temporarily rent a room in Songjiang County to live down.Near where they lived, a man called Yang Er was a rascal. He fell in love with Chen’s honest wife and began to plot how to get her.First of all, he disguised himself as a warm-hearted kind-hearted person, often help Chen honest family.This move is effective, before long Chen honesty on Yang two grateful, in Yang two proposed to become sworn brothers, immediately agreed to come down.But the wife always feel Yang two sneaky eyes always intentionally or unintentionally peeping themselves, she reminded her husband to dike point Yang two, not too close to him.But the husband felt that his wife thought too much and did not take his wife’s words seriously.Every time Yang Er comes to his home, he is always warmly entertained.The wife has no way, can only try to hide Yang 2.Yang two many times came to Chen honest home not see Chen honest wife, guess she is deliberately hiding himself, very upset in the heart, he sent wine to send silver to help their home but did not get a little benefit.So he thought of his fair-weather friend Lin Xian-rui.The Lin Xiarui not only and Yang two as greedy and lustful, cunning and insidious, and in the local government waterway on the job, a bit of power.Yang two invited Lin Xiangrui drink, wine after three rounds, took the opportunity to tell Lin Xiangrui his troubles.This Lin Xiangrui listen to the current beauty, immediately to the spirit.At the moment and Yang 2 plan together, see how to get people.Two people discussed for a long time, finally, Lin Xiangrui and Yang two decided to invite Chen honest a ride home on the boat, as long as on the boat, this man can not escape from the palm of his hand.The two villains smiled at each other and went back to drinking happily.A few days later, Chen honest happily told his wife, Yang er’s friend can send his hometown on the way.When his wife heard this, she was very worried. She said, “Yang er is not a good man, so his friend must not be either. I’m afraid the invitation is not good.But Chen honesty is a fool, right now want to end this drift from place to place as soon as possible, but also a word do not listen to go in.Two people on the boat, Lin Xiangrui hospitality received two people.A few days later, suddenly Lin Xiarui told Chen he had something urgent to do, I hope he can help yourself to Suzhou.Chen honest grateful Lin Xiangrui for their care, a full mouth agreed to come down, leaving his wife alone and the wicked to stay on the boat.Sure enough, as soon as her husband left, Lin Xianrui showed his true colors.But Chen honest wife in any case is not willing to obediently, see Lin Xiangrui to use strong cry for help.The nearby boats heard, thought it was the water thief, wanted to come to help, and Lin Xiangrui was afraid of exposure directly killed the woman.He originally wanted to the second day and Yang two together after the boat out of the dock, the body directly into the water.But the ship of a boatman had noticed all this, the boatman on the surface is Lin Xiangrui’s henchman, actually long dissatisfied with Lin Xiangrui’s temper.He persuaded Lin Xiarui to give the body to Chen honest, and then use money to buy Chen honest, otherwise when the time comes Chen honest back to explain.The boatman was trying to buy himself time.The next day, the boatman found an excuse to go ashore, and then directly came to the government report, Yang, Lin Xiarui was arrested on the spot, the body was also found in the pile of rice.In the face of irrefutable evidence, two people will come out of the whole thing, Lin Xiangrui and Yang were sentenced to death.The people applauded.Poor Chen honest back, only to see his wife’s body, immediately remorseful.

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