The official announcement of the volleyball association, CAI Bin was elected coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and little Zhuge brought two big surprise swords to Paris

Beijing time on February 3, the result of the Chinese women’s volleyball team official boss hired announcement, had previously served as the jiangsu women’s volleyball coach has elected Chinese women’s volleyball team’s new boss, the result is really a chance in the inevitable, after all, jiajie withdrew from the race after the domestic excellent coaches, is still in the coaching in the golden age of coaches,CAI Bin is the most experienced coach, and he has the previous experience of coaching the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team. Last season, he also discovered a large number of outstanding young talents for jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team, who will be a force that cannot be ignored in the future.With the official announcement of the Volleyball Association, it also means that the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team is about to start its preparation for the Olympic Games. Especially after 2022, the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team will have three competitions in succession, namely, the National Women’s Volleyball League, the World Women’s Volleyball Championship and the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Therefore, the preparation time for CAI Bin is very tight.He also has to complete the formation of the national team at the fastest speed, so as to ensure the smooth transition of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and not lose the chain in the following international competitions.In fact, after CAI Bin was elected as the head coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, it can be regarded as giving us two incidental surprises. The first surprise is Zhang Changning.Previously accepted surgical treatment of Zhang Changning once came the news of the retired, the peak Zhang Changning a DanZheng in career choice to retire, Chinese women’s volleyball team will lose a genius and followed, but now Zhang Changning choice has been sticking to positive recovery after the surgery, may also be to signal to the world and he would not retired,This is not only a reward for his teacher CAI Bin, but also a surprise for the Chinese women’s Volleyball Team.Its initial double surprise is the young talents, the jiangsu women’s volleyball team swept the shaanxi national games women’s volleyball team jiangsu youth championship, demonstrates the outstanding talent, the talent height above 190 cm is countless, a row of super league last season also obtained has large area to promote reuse, including Yang, tang xin, weeks of players such as red, Wan Ziyue, Martin, clean,The future is the core strength of The Chinese women’s volleyball team. CAI Bin’s appointment can also accelerate the growth of these young players, and they will grow into little Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning one after another in the future.Arguably has lead to become the best choice, the Chinese women’s volleyball team compared to the last coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team, has a more mature now, for the Chinese women’s volleyball team is more familiar with, and accumulated rich experience, is currently in the coach career has the golden age, the future to bring two Olympic Games cycle is completely no problem,In addition, The Chinese women’s Volleyball team had fallen to the bottom in the Tokyo Olympic Games. There is no need for too much pressure in the reconstruction period of CAI Bin. We also have reason to believe that under the leadership of CAI Bin, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will soon return to the peak, and will continue to stride toward the gold medal in Paris Olympic Games.

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