Nantong, Suzhou, Lianyungang issued notice!

From 00:00 to 24:00 on March 23, two asymptomatic cases were reported in Nantong city, both of which were in Haimen District.Since March 4, there have been no locally confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nantong, and a total of 6 asymptomatic cases have been reported, all of which have been quarantined in designated medical institutions for medical observation.Asymptomatic infected person 5: female, 46 years old, positive nucleic acid of the Novel Coronavirus infection referred to in Circular no. 14 of 23 March (travel track associated with risk points issued), confirmed by a panel of experts as asymptomatic infected person with COVID-19 virus.As of 9 o ‘clock on March 24, a total of 53 asymptomatic infected people in close contact and 98 people in secondary close contact in the city had been screened, and all had been quarantined for medical observation. Nucleic acid test results were negative.Fifty-two samples of relevant site items and environment were collected, and the test results were all negative.A total of 290 square meters of environmental destruction have been completed.Asymptomatic infected person 6: female, 51 years old, reported inbound/return person from Haimen District, living in Liankang Yuan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, a vegetable buyer from Shanghai, three family members drive from Shanghai to Nantong to collect vegetables every day, and return on the same day.March 16-22, daily action in Nantong city similar track.At around 10 am, he went to haimen Yuelai exit of G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway and accepted nucleic acid sampling test at traffic inspection service point (negative test results for 7 consecutive days).At about 11 o ‘clock, he went to Wuling Village, Nanyang Town, Qidong City to collect vegetables and had lunch on the bus. At about 14:20, he went to haimen District, 5 meters south of the intersection of 345 National Road and Lao Minsheng Road to collect vegetables. At 15:10, he arrived at the 1km south of Yuelai exit to collect vegetables, then he went to Lizhou Village, Linjiang Town to collect vegetables and returned to Shanghai at about 18 o ‘clock.At around 16:00 on March 16 and 20, he went to Fushan Village, Yuelai Town, Haimen District to buy vegetables.March 19, 16:30 in Sanyang town xiqiao market 500 meters to the west of Lanzhou noodle restaurant.March 22, 12:10 to sanyang town Baiyida tire repair shop to repair the car, waiting to the nearby minle bathroom bath.At 13:10, I went to Lanzhou Noodle Restaurant, which is 500 meters to the west of Xiqiao Market in Sanyang Town. At 13:40, I went to Kangzhining pharmacy opposite to buy masks. At 13:45, I went to the shoe store opposite the pharmacy for a short stay.At around 10:00 on March 23, the three members of the family arrived at the traffic inspection service point of Yuelai exit of Haimen of G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway. They received double sampling and double testing of Novel Coronavirus antigen and nucleic acid. The positive results of their own antigen test were transferred to the fever Clinic of a designated hospital by negative pressure ambulance in a closed loop for sampling and observation.The nucleic acid test was positive in the initial screening, which was reconfirmed as positive by the Municipal CDC. The patient was immediately transported to a designated hospital in the city in a closed loop, and was diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 virus infection after consultation by an expert group.Her husband and son have been transferred to the isolation point in Haimen area for centralized isolation.At present, the emergency response work, such as flow tracing, secret contact investigation, personnel control, social meeting prevention and control, is being actively carried out.The general public is hereby reminded to report to the town (street) and village (community) immediately those who have shared the activity track with the positive person in the above time period and place or who have been in contact with the above place after the above time period, and cooperate with the implementation of the flow screening, nucleic acid testing, isolation control and other measures.Those who conceal their close contact with a confirmed case or an asymptomatic infected person, thus causing the spread of the epidemic, will bear corresponding legal responsibility.Please continue to enhance awareness of prevention, adhere to the “three-piece epidemic prevention package”, wear masks, maintain social distancing and pay attention to personal hygiene;Remember the six things to do: wear a mask, keep social distancing, cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands often, open your Windows as much as possible, and get vaccinated.If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, go to the nearest fever clinic in time under the premise of personal protection.According to the relevant provisions of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council and the decision of the Municipal Headquarters, the epidemic risk levels in some regions of Lianyungang city will be adjusted as of the date of promulgation:No. 33 Building, Phase II, Jiuhe New Town, Development Zone is adjusted from medium-risk area to low-risk area.Risk levels in other regions remain unchanged.The city’s existing 90 risk areas after adjustment.Lianyungang City COVID-19 Outbreak Emergency Response Command Office March 24, 2022 Lianyungang City medium risk areas (90) (March 24, 2022) detailed report please pay attention to Jiangsu public · news channel source/Nantong release Suzhou release Lianyungang release editor/Tao Tao Yuan Yuan Jiangsu news

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