Why was whitening ingredient 377 banned, and a large number of products containing 377 removed from the shelves?

Last year, the event of “377 was removed from the shelves” was widely publicized. Many brands began to remove their products containing 377 ingredients, and a large number of clearance procedures were conducted. Many consumers really mistakenly believed that 377 whitening ingredients were banned, including many manufacturers, who also felt it was a blow in the head, because the state issued a series of policies on 377.At that time, many applications containing 377 products could not be approved. Today, I will talk to you about the story behind 377.What is 377?377 is a very beautiful whitening ingredient in China, Chinese name is phenethylresorcinol, commonly known as Xinfubai 377, also known as SymWhite®37.The reason is that this ingredient is one of the few new ingredients approved by China’s SFDA as a new raw material.Not only that, but the SymWhite®377 whitening test data is also pretty good.SymWhite®377 is one of the most active tyrosinase inhibitors reported, 22 times more active than kojic acid;SymWhite®377 effectively inhibited the activity of B16V cells to synthesize melanin 210 times more than kojic acid.It can improve the uneven color of skin and reduce the skin pigmentation caused by ultraviolet radiation.SymWhite®377 is an excellent antioxidant with anti-wrinkle properties.It can be used as a skin care ingredient to whiten and lighten spots, and can also be used as an antioxidant.Why was 377 disabled?377 is not actually banned, just the state food and drug administration will be strictly controlled, 377 is the characteristic contains whitening, need strict record stores, this cycle is long, with 377 before not registered brand for the record, and again after you need from the shelves in simple terms, 377 composition is no problem, but will be controlled more strict specification.According to the “Cosmetics supervision and Management Regulations” issued by the National Drug Administration in 2020, the first, fourth, and article 16, etc. : the cosmetics produced and operated in China are divided into special cosmetics and ordinary cosmetics.Cosmetics used for hair color, perm, freckle whitening, sun protection, hair loss prevention and cosmetics claiming new effects are special cosmetics.Cosmetics other than special cosmetics are ordinary cosmetics.Because 377 contains whitening features, it needs to hold the “whitening special certificate”, the so-called “whitening special certificate”, is the entry threshold for cosmetics to claim “freckle whitening”.However, this certificate is not so easy to obtain. It takes about 18 months to apply for and the cost is close to 20W, which is too high for many brands.Moreover, many small brands can’t afford to wait for such a long time, and the market may have passed after the certificate comes down. On the other hand, even if the enterprise has obtained the “whitening special certificate” and added 377, the product may not have whitening effect.Because at that time “beautiful white special card” be responsible to safety only, to 377 content also did not ask, want you to add this composition to go only, as to add how much, without hard requirement.Many businessmen are such a play edge ball, the concentration of 377 general 0.2%~0.5% to whiten, these businessmen may only add 0.001%, with great publicity, obviously do not have what effect, but because the card is still sold so expensive, it is dead.In a word, there is no problem with 377 itself, but there are clear specifications for products containing 377:1. As long as 377 is added to the product, the “whitening special certificate” must be applied;2. The maximum concentration of 377 is 0.5%;3. Although there is no lower limit of concentration, it is also clear that human efficacy experimental data must be provided, and the authenticity, scientific nature and reliable performance traceability of experimental data must be responsible.Beautiful white product the mainest still should consider safety.Why would a large number of products containing 377 be removed from the shelves?Because, before many companies (even including a lot of international factories), contain 377 products according to ordinary cosmetics to put on record, such as product harvest certain reputation, capital return, and then updated registration information.Run sales while complying with regulatory requirements.If the product doesn’t sell well, cut it.With the product gone, there’s no need to spend money on human testing.Is that a reasonable way to get around the rules?In fact, survival is the absolute truth, they can claim “light essence” or “brightening skin,” if they insist on violating the rules, the regulatory authorities will be down a slap.So that the reasons of the shelves, is the product specification does not conform to the market, is the concept of sameness, many component parties already know 377 have beautiful white effect, manufacturers also know, of course, just the time is too long, cost too much, also provide test result data, and need to be safe and effective, will appear a variety of products 377 questions.Visible, we use the cosmetics have how many unsafe hidden dangers, a standard let so many manufacturers clearance, off the shelf products, however, the standard of the Food and Drug Administration is more and more perfect, last year has standardized the composition concentration from large to small standard, no longer need to find what 0.01% of the line.In short, the product 377 was removed from the shelves this time because of the manufacturer’s problems, which had nothing to do with the ingredient 377 itself. The whitening effect of 377 was confirmed, and it was also the antioxidant with the strongest inhibition of tyrosinase activity. Therefore, 377 was not banned, and 377 products were safer and more effective in the future.I am peng brother, every day to share skin care knowledge, achievement of every woman who love beauty, like to pay attention to me.

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