This is the real Spring Festival

Well done to the Chinese women’s soccer team, to come back from two points down and two points down, and then to drag the mighty Japanese women’s soccer team into the final penalty shootout, to kill them at the last point, this is the real Chinese New Year, not to make the Chinese people upset.When The Chinese men’s football team once again in the fate of the book of life and death after a botched signing, shui Qingxia and the Chinese women’s football team has stood at a crossroads to rebuild the brilliant.Anyone who thought China could knock out Japan, who won the Asian Cup for the second time in a row, would have to be the most foolish fan after losing ace Wang Shuang to defending champion Japan in the semifinals.I admit that those who watched the first half had the same feeling as me. The Chinese women’s football team was dominated by the Japanese team just like the men’s football team. At that moment when The Japanese Women’s football team Riko Ueki threw her head into the net in the 26th minute, I really thought the match would be over early!Chinese women’s football like men are zero shots in the first half, but I did not think, before a person has a “double king” now only have a “wang”, but the brand is really no knowledge, and slightly Gu Xiuquan blind play, ShuiQingXia guidance a recruit a type has its own clear train of thought, in the ending are different in nature.In the second half, The Chinese women’s football team equalized the score quickly. Xiao Yuyi, who just replaced wu Chengshu, assisted wu chengshu to equalize the score in the second half. Lou Jiahui’s injury made the Chinese women’s football team complete a passive substitution, but the Determination of the Chinese women’s football team to win was still unshaken, and the Chinese team also had a chance!After xiao Yuyi steals the ball, Tang Jiali plugs in the left side of the penalty area, but she stops big and misses the chance!Japanese women’s crossbar and firing over in overtime, and plant wood grain after the child’s header will score again above, this time I flash is the sea are words like “place”, it seems that I underestimated the determination to win the women’s girls, ShuiQingXia even elected changed the Li Ying and Yang Lina last Po,I see king frost is really turned my foot not smoke, no king frost and vian, although the game she is in defence to participate in the defense, but vian always have a heart attack, the last minute vian the rob some broke the Chinese women’s football in front of the back from the edge of the cliff, the final penalty shootout is 50-50.Before being most reviled goalkeeper Zhu Yu the expectations saved two penalties, finally a penalty is vian revenge for the Chinese women’s soccer team pulled the trigger, the Chinese women’s team finally do not fall in front of Japanese women’s football again, after two Japanese women’s football is in the Asian cup semi-final win over the Chinese women’s NBA finals to win, is the so-called:This time it was the Chinese women’s soccer team’s turn to advance to the final.”No.1 in Asia?”That is just a “plaque” that imprison themselves. When the Japanese women’s football team rooted this “plaque” in their mind, in fact, it was a drop of poison added by God in their consciousness.This night, will warm many people’s dreams, this night has turned away.Whether it’s a flash of inspiration or a path to rejuvenation, the Chinese women’s soccer team has certainly piqued interest, which will at least bring it back into the spotlight.The Asian Cup may be the beginning of a Renaissance for The Chinese women’s football team, which aims to restore its glory.

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