Liu Shengjun: Gu Ailing’s participation is a success of “business school thinking”

Source: Zhongxin Jingwei Zhongxin Jingwei On February 10, the topic: Gu Ailing out of the circle is the success of the “business school thinking” author Liu Shengjun guo is the president of the Financial Reform Institute Gu Ailing completely fire, fire to every group are talking about Gu Ailing, street advertisements are All Gu Ailing.Overnight, Gu Ailing has been analyzed in 360 degrees, from Gu Ma’s parenting, to Chinese citizenship, to ice and snow sports, to brand value, to the game of great powers, bustling.Indeed, Gu has integrated so many “hot elements” at one time that it is difficult not to be popular: 18-year-old beautiful girl, mixed-race child, student with perfect SAT scores, accepted by Stanford university, Olympic gold medal, versatile, first-class eloquent like a diplomat…More important than gu becoming an idol for young people, Gu has become a godmother to all Of China’s tiger mothers.Where is the millet cow?She is a graduate of Peking University, a ski instructor, a Wall Street elite, but most importantly, she graduated from Stanford Business School with an MBA.Behind Gu’s success, business schools should also be awarded a gold medal.What business school thinking did Gu Ma reflect in the process of training Gu Ailing?First, skillfully integrate resources.Schumpeter, the master of modern innovation theory, believes that innovation is “the recombination of production factors”.As anyone in venture capital knows, it’s the team that matters most to the success of a business.Entrepreneurs are to skillfully integrate resources, so as to build capacity advantage.In 1999, the “Four gentlemen of Ctrip”, Liang Jianzhang, Ji Qi, Shen Nanpeng and Fan Min, jointly founded ctrip travel network.These four people together, is a classic case of resource integration: Liang Jianzhang represents technical resources, used to be the technical director of Oracle (Oracle) China;Nanpeng Shen represents finance and was a director and head of China capital markets at Deutsche Bank.Fan Min knows hotels and used to be general manager of Continental Hotel;Ji Qi was the general manager of Shanghai Xiecheng Technology Co., LTD.Putting together great resources is half the battle.Gu is very good at resource integration, and cleverly combines the superior resources of China and the United States into gu ailing :(1) gu ailing grew up, studied and lived in the United States, but with a global perspective, gu knows to return to Beijing haidian huangzhuang for training every year.Of course, Gu ma knows that American education has both advantages and disadvantages. Basic education is the weakness of the United States, but it is also the long weakness of China.(2) Although Gu was born in the United States, she speaks fluent Chinese.Gu has taught her granddaughter to speak Chinese, eat Chinese food and tell Chinese stories since she was a child. Every summer, she takes Gu to Live in Beijing for a period of time so that her granddaughter can better understand Chinese culture.Emotion aside, the Chinese market, with 1.4 billion + people, is certainly a valuable top-tier resource.If Gu Had given up Chinese at an early age, she would have wasted a priceless treasure.Compared with those who blindly “worship beauty” and give up Chinese, Gu Ma knows more about what resources are and how to combine them.Second, differentiation strategic thinking.When “Japan No. 1” became popular around the world and everyone was learning the Toyota model, Porter, “the father of strategy,” presciently pointed out that Japanese companies do not know what strategy is and will inevitably fall into crisis in the future.It is a mistake for Japanese companies to interpret “business excellence” as a strategy, but the real strategy is “unconventional” — differentiation thinking.Everybody learns from Toyota. It’s not a strategy. It’s an inside strategy.When everyone copied Nokia’s phones, Apple, which sold computers, suddenly crossed over into disruptive innovation and redefined the mobile phone, and the two giants of the mobile phone at that time, Nokia and MOTOROLA, were smothered.Thanks to this disruptive innovation, Apple remains one of the most valuable companies in the world 11 years after Jobs’ death.In 2019, Gu made the right — and difficult — decision to become a Chinese citizen.Many Americans don’t understand, and that’s because of a lack of strategic thinking.If you strip away emotional factors and consider only business logic, gu’s “mixed-race world champion” is too common in the United States, after all, the United States itself is a melting pot of immigrants, even former President Barack Obama is of mixed race.But back in China, Gu opened up a unique track: the first mixed-race Chinese Olympic champion to represent the country.The philosopher Lao-tzu is the most strategic person — “The husband is the only one who does not fight, so the world can not fight with him.”Third, build comparative advantage based on resource endowment.Competition is everywhere.If you choose sprinting, you are likely to lose to a black Jamaican;If you choose long-distance running, you will lose to the black people of Kenya, the “kingdom of long-distance running”.If you choose soccer, chances are you will lose to the samba masters of Brazil and Argentina.What is reflected behind this is comparative advantage, which is closely related to resource endowment.The resource endowment of Australia is mineral resources, the resource endowment of the Middle East is oil, and the resource endowment of the United States is the talent diversity of immigrant society.What is Gu’s greatest resource endowment?Of course, guyan’s ski instructor identity!It is not difficult to realize this, but how to make them willing to follow in their footsteps?This is because children are prone to reverse psychology.Gu Ma is patient and skillful.How did Gu Fall in love with skiing?”My mother took me to the ski resort when I was 3 years old, but she didn’t force me to ski, she just let me have fun, and I fell in love with skiing while playing,” Gu said.Gu Ma said, “I like playing and sports since I was young, so I hope Ailin likes sports, too. How can I make her like sports?I think example is better than precept.I love skiing, so I took her skiing a lot. I didn’t train her to ski, but she learned it by herself.”If Gu Ma is too “overbearing” to ask her daughter to learn skiing, it is likely to “twist melon is not sweet”, backfire, the resource endowment to waste.It is no use just having resource endowments. The key is how to make children love resource endowments, which requires patience and wisdom.Wish tiger mothers were less introverted and more business-school minded.In this way, the country’s happiness is also, baby’s happiness is also.(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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