He is dai Li’s favorite, lurking around Chairman MAO as a guard, but because of a cigarette exposed his identity

There is not only overt fighting between the two factions, but also covert fighting.During China’s War of Resistance against Japan, there were many people who betrayed the country and sought glory. They tried their best to spy on the military information of our army, thus undermining many important strategies of our army.What is even more hateful is that with their help, the enemy has killed many of our soldiers, and their ultimate target is our top leader.However, MAO Zedong, the leader of the time, saw the flaw in the undercover agent with experience, and eventually transferred the man from Yan ‘an.That undercover is Dai Li’s proud pupil, had lurked in MAO Zedong’s side when the guard, but because of a cigarette exposed identity.The kuomintang in the early stage of the rebellion with the Communist party of the second cooperation period, the Kuomintang on the surface and our army actively cooperate with the Anti-Japanese War, but in the secret cultivation of undercover installed in our army, and Shen Zhiyue is one of them.Speaking of Shen Zhiyue can only say that he met a bad person, before he met Dai Li, is a patriotic progressive youth.Although Shen Zhiyue was born in a rich family, he felt very sad for the people in difficulty.Shen zhiyue was born in 1913 at a time of great turbulence, when people across the country were struggling to make ends meet under foreign powers. He was deeply influenced by Marxism and the spirit of the Communist Party.He first studied at the Central Military Academy in Nanjing and later enrolled at Fudan University in Shanghai.Shen zhiyue was a very wise man, as you can see from the school he attended.After the 918 incident, facing the double-sided oppression of Japan and Chiang Kai-shek, during the school period, Shen Zhiyue followed the friends of the Communist Party, many times to participate in parade activities.And the leader that serves as parade activity, Shen Zhiyue and a batch of patriotic youth are arrested in demonstration action, shen Zhiyue is tortured by kuomintang ten thousand times in prison, destroy their willpower with the cruelest torture instrument.However, Shen zhiyue was quick-witted and made up a lie before he was tortured. He said that he was a relative of a kuomintang insider. Shen zhiyue’s frank statement did not look false at all.For this kuomintang soldier to Shen Zhiyue extremely polite, as “kuomintang relatives” Shen Zhiyue avoided the pain of flesh.Nevertheless lie is false from beginning to end, check through kuomintang interior, Shen Zhiyue preaches the identity that has Kuomintang relative to be discovered by the person, wait for Shen Zhiyue is the torture of national army, and at this moment take Shen Zhiyue to walk into kuomintang spy Dai Li appeared.Turned to cast dark Dai Li heard shen Zhiyue in prison, he is very admire the bold Shen Zhiyue, so the idea of shen Zhiyue.And his spy team combination has been close to the critical moment, compared to the people absorbed before, Shen Yue appears particularly outstanding.Dai Li Shen Zhiyue from the prison, he also personally went to see shen Zhiyue and explain his purpose, because he felt That Shen Zhiyue is a good seedling when the spy.At that time shen Zhiyue full of blood is certainly despise Dai Li, but after dai Li’s many lobbying and in attractive conditions, Shen Zhiyue patriotic consciousness was gradually disintegrated, shen Zhiyue eventually became a military undercover.Shen Zhiyue entered the general of Dai Li so, he went to zhejiang police officer school to read in the arrangement of Dai Li, through a lot of learning experience, Shen Zhiyue became kuomintang spy finally.Shen zhiyue’s learning ability is super strong, he not only master the American and Russian languages, he is also familiar with marxist and other hot-blooded books.1937 China and Japan’s war was tight, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party carried out a second cooperation, the Communist Party is not the Kuomintang’s gift, but behind the attack.Shen Zhiyue alias Shen Hui, to participate in the assassination of our army leaders in the task.Shen Zhiyue followed a professor came to Yan ‘an, because the professor and MAO Zedong friendship, he and MAO Zedong all also had a face to face.In order not to be suspected, Shen Zhiyue early installed deferential, each exchange will hide in their own safety zone.A month after arriving in Yan ‘an, the professors left the city, and Shen volunteered to stay in Yan ‘an.Although my army is very welcome progressive youth, but the necessary inspection or want, because before Dai Li to Shen Zhiyue changed the identity, so in the organization of investigation, and did not find “Shen Hui” is false.Clever turn by clever mistake stay in Yan ‘an Shen Zhiyue read anti-japanese military university, during his performance is very excellent, later he joined the Communist Party in the knot of the social minister of the Communist Party of China introduced.After graduating from the school, Shen Zhiyue was responsible for receiving and receiving work of the central organization, and he had stolen many important secrets of our army in his spare time, resulting in heavy casualties of our army.But because shen Zhiyue surface kung fu is very good, but also because Shen Zhiyue is an activist, although intelligence theft is no one suspects shen Zhiyue’s head.It is because shen Zhiyue everywhere attention, everywhere top, later he transferred to MAO Zedong’s side to do security secretary.As the saying goes, when working with MAO Zedong, one must be more careful than when working with him.When MAO Zedong was thinking in one day, because he could not find a cigarette, shen Zhiyue hurriedly passed a cigarette on the side, and Shen Zhiyue in order not to be found, he also gave himself a cigarette, is this cigarette, Shen Zhiyue ended his yan ‘an undercover work.For shen Zhiyue handed up the cigarette, MAO Zedong has a bit of doubt, but still face does not change color of the cigarette.He was thinking that Shen Zhiyue had been working beside him for a year, but he did not find that Shen Zhiyue had the habit of smoking, and the cigarette he handed over was still his favorite brand.I do not know whether Shen Zhiyue saw MAO Zedong’s doubts, always responsive he finally understood.Before MAO zedong sent people to investigate him, he quickly destroyed all the documents that were not good for him.And slow MAO Zedong did not find shen Zhiyue any abnormal, and even suspected that he thought more.But for safety reasons, MAO zedong found an excuse and removed Shen Zhiyue from Yan ‘an.The Shen Zhiyue that leaves Yan ‘an continues to carry on his undercover work, before long return kuomintang interior, and the contribution that he makes in front, get dai Li and Jiang Jieshi deeply reuse.Summary: In the latter stages of the Chinese Civil War, the Communists defeated the Kuomintang, which eventually fled to Taiwan.Shen chih-yueh continued his intelligence work in Taiwan until he died of illness at the age of 81.Shen yue’s working ability is very strong, he can avoid the communist party layer upon layer inspection and not disorderly, also can see his very powerful heart, but this wise man walked on a road contrary to national righteousness.

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