Anqing Wanjiang School held the first flag-raising ceremony of the new semester and a ideological and political class activity

On February 14, anqing Wanjiang Middle School held the first flag-raising ceremony of the new semester and the teachers and students had a ideological and political class activity.More than 2,600 teachers and students participated in the activity. You Chong, the first secretary of the party branch of the school, gave the first ideological and political theory class of the new semester to all the teachers and students in the form of “speech under the National Flag”.At the flag-raising ceremony, members of the flag guard team marched with sonorous and powerful steps, escorting the bright five-star red flag and the school flag to the flagpole.The “March of the Volunteers” was played, and the five-star red flag was slowly raised. Teachers and students sang the national anthem with high spirits and set off their deep patriotic enthusiasm. The bright five-star red flag fluttered in the wind and shone brightly.Then, in the song, two school flags rose slowly, next to the five-star red flag flying over the playground.After the flag-raising ceremony, you chong from “learn to behave, develop good habits;Learn to live, chang huai Thanksgiving heart;Learn to learn, tireless knowledge;Learn fitness, healthy and happy growth;Learn to save, cherish food and oppose waste.”Five aspects of ideological and political lectures for all teachers and students.Blunt remarks all the teachers and students, to adhere to the leadership of the party in an all-round way, implement khalid ents fundamental task, Yang patriotic love family love school, set up power of hing school, practice of anhui river people “seeks happiness, for the students for the school development and contribute to the state and society” beginner’s mind and mission, bravely shoulder the glorious mission entrusted by the new era, with one hundred times more confidence, eliminate all sorts of interference,To overcome numerous difficulties and make concerted efforts to make the school more dynamic, more quality and more influential;To transform personal dreams into the promotion of “healthy Wanjiang, safe Wanjiang, happy Wanjiang, happy Wanjiang” construction, the implementation of the “fourteenth five-year plan” during the school from middle to higher vocational spanning the target task of practical action, power school high quality development.Finally, you chong wishes all the teachers and students in the year of tiger, full of beginner’s mind and hard work, rush to ideal seize the day, in wanjiang school this fertile soil to realize the ideal of life, wanjiang dream.

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