Is it often more important to make money in the stock market than to make it big?

A lot of investors like to show off the stock market results, encounter positions rise screenshots hard blowing, “short-term master”, “capture dragon 18 type”, “limit kamiads” and so on, if these are established, should be “often earn” range.In the 2016 circuit breaker, many private equity funds were liquidated, they were also “god” in 2015, but did not survive the crash.Just after the New Year of 2022, a large wave of public and private offerings are also standing on the edge of the liquidation line.Regular earnings proved unsustainable.Everyone hopes to have a good pen, but the reality is always cruel!How to solve the problem, only make a lot of money!A-share bull and bear conversion, there are still many opportunities, although it is difficult, the market is always full of people who want to make fast money, but the loss of money is always the majority of people, the market does not believe in tears.A shares since its inception, almost five years of A bear conversion, if you can catch the opportunity to buy at the end of the bear market, the stock market is colorful, if A profit of 3 times, operation three times, there are 27 times the income, I believe that can kill 90 percent of the investors in seconds.Many people will question the possibility of operation, A shares are not mature, too much or too much is very common, if you are A successful at the end of the bear market to buy investors, and have been holding to A certain stage, I believe you can experience that calm, winning feeling!

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