Recognized “white eyed Wolf” a few cats, may betray you at any time!

A lot of people say that the cat is not well raised, as long as there is food it will run away with people.Here are some of the cats that could cheat on you at any moment.Energetic, arrogant, neurotic and capable of taking apart the house, the cow Cat was once a popular feline, but it has become the object of ridicule throughout the Internet.Because cow cats are really neurotic, they can do a lot of behavior that people can’t understand, and many netizens say they are typical of the Wolf.Cow cats are very energetic and have been known to tear apart their homes.Cow cat its personality is also very arrogant, they look down on their owners, think their owners are very “naive”, and in order to eat, can betray the owner at any time, is recognized as the “white eyed Wolf” cat.The orange cat has many advantages, bright color, good looks, is also a very popular cat.But orange cat owners are literally crying in the bathroom, so why is it called a Wolf?This is because the orange cat is really greedy, as long as there is food, you can abduct the orange cat, orange cat shovel-poop officer will be very insecure, feel their hard to keep the cat, will give away at any time.There is also a stray orange cat on the Internet, once had 5 “owners”, every 1~2 days to change a home to stay, is simply a bad cat ah.NO. 3 the Siamese cats faults: sabotage, love, love naughty Siamese cat was a kitten from Thailand, because the constitution is good, looks are recognizable, also want to a lot of people keep it, but the Siamese cats are recognized baiwenhang ~ Siamese cat character greatly pinching, by NO means easy to recognize the main, but also “bully” the master of himself.Siamese cats tend to be clingy and meow whenever they can’t see their owners. If a new person accompanies them, they can accept a change of owner immediately and show no loyalty at all.If they want to bond with their Siamese feline, they need to interact with it and bribe it with freeze-dried treats.This “miaosu freeze-dried chicken granules” adopts the quick-freeze technology to lock the freshness and nutrition, without adding any pure meat. It can be used for training, guidance, enhancing feelings, and also can supplement the nutrition for the cat, promote hair gills, and make the cat more cute.The English short cat is very popular in the cat world because of its cute appearance. It is also a cat with numerous advantages.But the English short cat is also a typical “white eyed Wolf” cat, raising its pet is the main attention.A cat can hold a grudge. If you accidentally offend it, it will try to get back at you.You know, it’s gonna get you into trouble, peeing in your bed.And the English short cat is also very greedy, plus very close to people’s character, can accept their own change at any time a master.The hair-shedding problem is also maddening, so pet owners would be wise to choose a cat food that contains fish oil.Just like this “gluten-free cat food”, its protein is more than 42%, the cat food uses a low oil and low salt formula, light and not greasy, but also added fish oil and kelp powder ingredients, supplement the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, is beneficial to the cat hair smooth, but also can reduce the risk of skin disease, relieve the serious hair loss.Such pet advocate reason rises more worry.Conclusion: Is your cat on the list?Feel free to comment in the comments section

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