In the ups and downs of Mourinho’s managerial career, are there any memories of your and my lost youth?

Jose mourinho led Porto to the top of Europe before landing at Chelsea, which is amazing;It was amazing to break the gunners’ grip on the Premier League title.After moving to Apennines, he won the treble with inter milan, the first in Serie A.Later, he was in charge of Galacticos ii, which knocked down Barcelona, the Nemesis of Dream III in their prime, from the league championship. His strangling counterattack against Guayashi’s passing was imitated by everyone, which is also a classic in football.Although the red Devils, White and Lilian did not win the Champions League, combined with the background of The Times can be concluded — Manchester United tottenham hotspur, the Champions league and second place behind the Blue Moon in the Premier League, with the complete activation of the striker Sun Kai to refresh the career highs of both men is not easy.In the beginning of last year IFFHS (international federation of football history and statistics) for the activities of the best coach in the 21st century first 20 years, jose mourinho by a score of 226 points in the world famous list of the first won the award, and led the German national team won the World Cup at the 2014 World Cup loew is ranked second with 213 points,Sir Alex ferguson with the Spanish coach pep guardiola has separated three or four to 183 points, and the fifth for four slasher is long-term coaching a premiership as Arsenal’s arsene wenger, carlo ancelotti, vicente del bosque, simone, didier deschamps, bielsa took six to ten well-known coach, including led real Madrid in the champions league to three successive championships zinedine zidane,And Allegri Conti Klopp did not make the top 10.IFFHS launched last year in the first 20 years of this century the best boss mad mourinho ranked first as the other name eventually handsome fans must have their own views, but this award is only for the first two decades of this century a selection of the best coaches in world football, the future will certainly have more dimension more specific situation the best coach.Whether it is Sir Alex Ferguson who is the founder of the dynasty godfather of Manchester United, Pep Guardiola who created the Dream Three Universe team, or Klopp who led the great revival of The Red Army and Liverpool football coach, these famous coaches have achieved their own success in their teams:Manchester United’s treble in 98/99 season, Barcelona’s six titles and two consecutive European Champions League and Premier League titles are also great achievements as a manager of a big club.Every one on the list in the name of the handsome have their in their coaching team leading a perfect moment and mourinho led the five major league team Porto govinda champions league and in serie a treble highlights moments, such as it is in the past twenty years why there are so many jose fans around the world, like one of the reasons for the Portuguese coach will support, so in today’s flowers in world football,Every top level of handsome behind will have been they collect inside the undisputed champion, or make public, or personal charm, superb tactical design and unique features, become the handsome the devotees, and best way to support these manager great, I think its conformity is first carefully to read their autobiography,Having a pure hobby that you can share with your friends and family after dinner is probably the best way to pay tribute to your favorite manager.Jose mourinho has always appear in many famous “one of the most special” Dutch has no with rain cover Chrysanthemum remnant of judah have resists the frost branch in ancient times, for they respected master except in its specialize in field of the technique has the extremely high attainments, also is indispensable, that is, the disposition of human being and sentiment to the laity are difficult to imitate copy, out of the mud without dye the proposition that different people thinking and personality,Is more zhuo QingLian but not demon is always in the critical moment changed decayed for magical, ultimately through the time and make the world amaze subverts the traditional thinking creation myths of scene conquer the secular, but in today’s world football, mourinho called mad men often can be changed decayed for magical, and it was this made countless fans started to like the “one of the most special.Jose mourinho has defied many of football’s conventional wisdom from the start of his managerial career.First, no specular highlights of professional experience, in the past people in the traditional consciousness of coach, especially for top club, only those who had successful professional experience, has rich experience or academic ability is qualified picked up a pointer to the coach station, successful retired player era to the examples of on-court coaching the team is not in the minority,However, it is the success of the “most special one” that inspires more ordinary fans and enables them to make great achievements in their ordinary positions. Isn’t this the great role that the “most special one” should play to teach the public by words and deeds outside the stadium?Otherwise, just the tactical peculiarities of the pitch cannot add a word to the front.Early retirement from a handsome side translation start gradually disintegration of jose mourinho became a European champions coach jose mourinho for the team on the pitch setting tactics, also let the world fans from the beginning and your competitors have the impression that find everything new and fresh, the super bus from 901 to midfield three defensive midfielders, between the back four three defenders to switch to the front of atypical playmaker Settings, and so on,Are the hallmarks of his coaching style.Is jose type tactics makes the madman from Portugal to the la liga, serie a is not only in the league has a terror of dominance in the champions league, but also created a brilliant record, inter milan, with Porto respectively two different teams won the European champions, in the Portuguese league serie a la liga gains double or even triple crown;Through its career honor interior has displayed twenty-five golden champion trophy, he coached in each team are more or less over its tactical deep imprint, the most typical is brought to Chelsea, fans all over the world in mind would be the first time that iron under jose mourinho build the blues,And didier drogba, lampard Trichy’s tough central axis, is under the madmen’s coaching respectively reached the peak of their career world stars.The axis of the blues and Chelsea is still talked about by millions of fans. Moreover, as a master of psychological warfare, mourinho also has the basic knowledge and skills that psychology professionals envy.As a master of psychology, the Portuguese can often be appropriately applied to their team before, during and after the game with rival in the game on the psychological warfare is to let his team outside the tactics have more opportunity to defeat opponents, is often used to hype can also demonstrates that men can do wood show some foolish slay a fatal blow,Will attract opponents and people with ulterior motives of hatred;A good coach is like a general on the battlefield. As the old saying goes, he who can subdue an enemy without a fight is a good one.This is something that only a true master can do to understand its true meaning.At the same time for the Portuguese, “mad man”, “magic bird” and other pronouns used in mourinho’s body, has also become a unique term of anti-tradition and anti-old knowledge in the football circle, I ask in such a fast pace of the moment, who will not have no achievements, no personality “ordinary” waste of breath?Inter period of three champions league Wang Rongyu he berated tactical reach the limit of one then through two examples of when jose mourinho answer media questions to do further analysis, there is a reporter for the team coach Madrid recently underachievement, when asking questions about the home fans booing for the team, grape people the answer is that “said fans can you boo me,Don’t fake my players. If you want to boo me, I will be on the pitch alone half an hour before the start of the game.”I think he’s a peeping Tom.He loves to watch people, and some people, when they’re at home, have a big telescope to see what’s going on in other homes, and he talks a lot about Chelsea.”As a manager of a big club, you have to be mentally strong enough to deal with the psychological warfare from all sides. All kinds of “grudgings” described by the outside world are only on the pitch. The famous managers often look different off the pitch.Mourinho’s answer as a professional coach raises a number of questions: 1.Black powder and bird is at the same time, and in general still maintained a tricky balance, because as the home team fans would, of course, like their coach can give everything to success include the black, but all the other side of the fans, including a former is abnormal hated teeth at this time, when love has a deep hatred has now more keenly;2. The cup and the champions of past countless explained mourinho “insurance car lost pawn” that are effective, plus the seemingly strong performance desire and natural talent, extremely bright personality, we have always taught rivals, finally, supplemented by the British media have ulterior motives assists, how don’t invite yourself “into” for the body?3. It’s difficult to lay their hands on some of the previous coaching experience swing, at the end of the Manchester united and tottenham coach journey, more can let still remain some “concern”, the unscrupulous to join bird black camp, maybe this is confirm the men had a word “know the person I would love me, don’t like my people is not enough for me to understand”,The reason why there is obvious love and hate, because never really understand, and those who join the black camp to kick down a hole but intentionally or unintentionally, or can not help but point into a variety of Jose Mourinho’s news and posts by the media consumption with ulterior motives.Stars all past countless true colors with facts proved that jose mourinho is a pure man long xi no ending I will search up and down jose mourinho as the world’s a handsome, popular with the fans enthusiasm in addition to its led to many different countries team championship success, in terms of personality, as honest sincere temperament middleman is also the biggest cause of myriad loyal fans love him.Once upon a time, in a handsome rulin, football, by his colleagues considered not worth mentioning “grassroots” and “outsiders” in the eyes of a loop, but naturally unruly madman bones reveal competitive constantly inspire the Portuguese to understand forbear, the art of war may be a madman is not less read, in which the enemy and know yourself, fight;Knowing each other and knowing each other, one wins and one loses;”If you don’t know the enemy, if you don’t know your friend, every game will be dangerous.”He can use during the Barcelona do translation, from the convenience of two famous narrative writing life ceaseless, to return to his rookie offer valuable actual combat platform, after the Portuguese coach immediately before starting the bold will be accumulated theory used in own teaching practice, finally by Porto in the champions league one black in the end, of his peers in the overturned thoroughly the so-called “outsiders”,But rather than rest on his laurels after the Portuguese victory, mourinho is racing on to the next big thing, to convince the world’s cognoscenti that he is a better amateur than they are.From as Sir Bobby robson’s translation when jose mourinho will never cover up the direction of your hopes to become a world-class name handsome ambitions as jose mourinho’s idol, Sir Alex ferguson in the British Isles has created their own Manchester united dynasty, the new men appears once at the press conference of “the most special one”,Salute in the first place to have the Roman dictator, gaius Julius Caesar’s “I come I see I conquer”, then led by jose mourinho that in traditional English fans see is just a middle level of the nouveau riche Chelsea, the first season is to break the old Sir Alex ferguson and arsene wenger long-term under the monopoly of the premiership title,The second season is completed the league title victory;In England with mourinho consecutive premiership trophy proclaimed to the world he is “one of the most special, no matter in which field should be professional and intelligence first, especially in the game, although everyone knows that the football was kicked out, but if there is no certain tactical mentality and the execution of players,Good health is at best laughed at as a mob.Visible on the football field of abstract thinking ability, and from the perceptual to the rational sublimation as well as the psychological and other comprehensive ability, will decide whether or not a coach to become a generation of handsome, corresponding a successful player on the court, the success of transformation into a high level coaches are also more depends on their understanding of the tactics and practical application,Mourinho’s ability to succeed as a manager without having too many successful players is a distinct advantage over managers with successful players.Sir Alex ferguson chose jose mourinho to succeed him at Manchester United long before his retirement. “Learning without thinking is useless without thinking without learning is dangerous”, there are many examples of “playing with excellence is teaching”, but fans see more examples of the opposite. Why can’t a great player on the pitch do the same as a great player on the pitch?Personally, I think in the final analysis the problem was out in the “superstructure” section, simply means that this culture is a lot of players, it would be very difficult for us to support them as a further development on the comprehensive ability of the coach station, and does not have the ability of abstract thinking, has also led to its subjective perceptual to the rational height of rising to the role,Plus other subjects lack knowledge and narrow field of vision, late to further curb their active learning ability, the ability to face problems, have the courage to face the problem of energy shortage, firmly implement the established tactics of concentration is weak, eventually led to the tragedy is rather than the weight of all these “professional”, instead of complacency often to usurp the role of “professional”,Disdain to go with “unprofessional”;The reason why jose mourinho and other world famous coaches can become a generation of masters is that first of all, they do “know yourself and know the enemy”, never do not teach fish to swim. Second, they are “never too old to learn”, always maintain a beginner’s mind as a manager, and finally unswervingly “win, not do”.Can really understand and will be the mother of success is the failure of this sentence is simple to bear in mind, this may be why often appear foreign teachers can not move a team, “university professors teach kindergarten classes” is not a success?Jose mourinho’s Alma mater, technical university of Lisbon awarded the honorary doctorate every honor titles every honor behind is condensing each name handsome than peers in the effort and sweat to write in the final at the beginning of this century this twenty years, we have witnessed a handsome side translation, through constant challenges to overcome all obstacles and become a generation of top the metamorphosis of a handsome,In today’s increasingly competitive world football, the younger generation of coaches, such as Tuherna Gersmann, tend to take over from the famous coaches of the previous generation. However, it is because of such talented players catching up with the old ones that we, as fans, will be the happiest.After all, the prosperous era of serie A seven Sisters has left us far too long, and the era of green symphony is far from coming.Mad jose mourinho are advanced in the name of the road is also inspires more coach ceaseless effort of the younger generation and beyond the above is only my personal ideas, to welcome you all to comment area of discussion, if support my point of view, also welcomed the thumb up + focus on “without the captain of the Caribbean” the headline number, thank you for your support and for me.

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