Chinese medicine for diabetes?Six traditional Chinese medicine, qi shengjin, hypoglycemic thirst, might as well know

Being able to eat, drink, and poop without gaining weight is probably what many beauty lovers want.For those of us who drink water and gain weight, this is a godsend.However, there is a kind of disease, eat more, drink more, pull more, do not gain weight but lose weight, it is diabetes.Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by increased blood sugar, polydipsia, polydipsia, polyuria and weight loss.But diabetes is not just now, as early as in ancient times there are records of diabetes.At that time, people called diabetes quench disease, it is said that Du Fu, Sima Xiangru and other people suffered from quench disease.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the pathogenesis of diabetes mainly lies in Yin and jin deficit, hot and dry partial sheng.The spleen, lung and kidney are the most closely related to human water metabolism. The spleen, lung and kidney Yin deficiency will be hot and thirsty, including lung dryness, heat, cough and thirst. The spleen and stomach are hot, and the kidney Yin deficiency will be thirsty.If the three organs appear problems, water metabolism disorder, will be polyuria, spleen and stomach hot light digestion is not absorbed, easy to hungry, but also not fat.Therefore, the treatment should be qi nourishing Yin shengjin, while conditioning the spleen, lung and kidney.Both “Three Causes” and “Yongshi Ling Fang” record a party that can cure thirst and quench the syndrome. The formula is called Liushen Tang, which consists of six herbs.Trichosanthes is the root of the gourd plant Trichosanthes, not the pollen.Into the lung and stomach, gan Han, not only can clear the lung and stomach two solid heat, but also can produce jin to quench thirst, for internal heat quench thirst, lung heat cough.”Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” : “The Lord quenches thirst, body heat, vexation, great heat, filling the empty and anzhong, and continued to destroy the injury.”Modern pharmacology has confirmed that trichosanthin has hypoglycemic and antiviral effects.Pueraria pueraria into the lung spleen and stomach meridian, with the role of thirst, antipyretic.Modern pharmacological studies pueraria root has the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fat and liver.In addition, pueraria has a very good effect on neck and back stiffness and pain, and has a very good antipyretic effect.”This scripture” : “the Lord quenched thirst, the body was hot, vomiting, various paralysis, Yin qi, antidote to various poisons.”03 Lotus house The lotus house is the part with the meat of the lotus seed. The lotus seed can nourish the kidney and strengthen essence. The whole lotus house has also been proved to have the effect of lowering blood sugar.The leaves of loquat are bitter and slightly cold.Go to lung, stomach meridian.It is used for lung heat, cough, asthma, stomach heat and nausea, irritability and thirst.Therefore, loquat leaves can help other medicines to clear the heat of lung and stomach and relieve thirst.05 Astragalus membranaceus can strengthen the spleen, yiqi, shengjin, spleen and lung qi.Spleen and lung to fill, water metabolism is normal, diet absorption is normal, qi at the same time can also shengjin thirst.06 Licorice licorice also has the effect of spleen, but mainly harmonic medicine.Summary: six drugs together, harmonize spleen, lung and kidney, nourish qi, shengjin and quench thirst.

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