Chenzhou Spring Festival, what is it?

Happy Spring Festival festival atmosphere is we are familiar with the domestic flavour It taking is protean Ripples in my heart, lingering under the tongue always point to the home and love to take a look at and completely belongs to the festival atmosphere ~ chicken male in chenzhou Grilled chicken male with meat more compacted old cock as raw materials, the husband chicken meat closely, less fat, after for a while,The stock is simmered until it infuses.Finally drizzled with raw camellia oil, the chicken is brightly coloured and crispy.The excellent natural conditions of high altitude and cold mountain spring water create an excellent living environment for bluegrass fish, so its meat quality is particularly delicate.Grass flower fish is raised in paddy fields, and its fish has the fragrance of grass flower and is named as grass flower fish, with the characteristics of fresh, sweet and tender.A large pot of rice fish on the table, everyone rushed to stretch a chopsticks first.Rice noodle goose rice noodle goose is one of the delicacies of Zixing city, famous for its fragrance.Rice goose has become the main course of all local villagers’ banquets.It is also the treasure of every family to entertain guests.Jar meat is a traditional famous dish in Guiyang. It is a private dish with pork belly as the main ingredients. It is rich in raw materials, rich in shape, fat but not greasy, brown and red in color, rich in flavor, delicious and delicious.Boxy chunks of pork and round stuffed tofu, the two dishes combine to create a sense of roundness.Beef is the main character in matan cuisine, which is becoming more and more popular and served on the dinner table.The beef is delicious and spicy, and the fresh aroma of camellia oil adds a touch of flavor.The taste of Jiahe blood duck, Jiahe zi ginger blood duck will never be forgotten. Its uniqueness lies in the use of duck blood as a condiment of duck meat. Through the perfect combination of blood and duck meat, the excellent effect of color, flavor and aroma can be achieved.Fried pork skin is a selection of pork, cut into chunks, some people first cook the pork and then make it into oil-free meat, but also use raw meat.Rub the local garlic into the juice, stir with the farmhouse sweet wine to make the sauce water, dip the pork in the sauce water and fry it until it turns golden. When all the meat is fried, sprinkle salt evenly while it is hot and marinate.Finally, it is hung under the eaves for ventilation and preservation, which is moderate in saltiness and delicious in meat quality. It has a different flavor when it is placed for a long time.Rucheng salted duck rucheng salted duck is a famous dish of your city, with a long history, salted duck after the exposure of the sun during the day, after the frost of the wind at night, its delicious is full of praise.Its meat is tender, delicious flavor, suitable for fat and thin, food but not greasy, no seasoning, steamed can be eaten, with a unique flavor.During the Spring Festival, every family in East Guangxi has to do yellow glutinous rice cake.Although the production process of glutinous rice cake is more complex, the taste is fragrant and chewy, which can be steamed, fried, boiled, baked, fried and made hot pot.The word “Paste” has the same pronunciation with “Qi”, which means “whole” and symbolizes the reunion of one family.On the Reunion dinner, the first glutinous rice cake on the table must be yellow glutinous rice cake.When visiting relatives and friends in the New Year, bring several “Top” and several “Seal” to represent both good luck and happiness and to share skills.Shake the pepper in winter is a good recipe for dispelling cold and resisting cold. Put the oil in the pot and heat it up. Turn the heat down and add the pepper.With preserved eggs, eggplant, salted duck eggs, dried fish, etc., spicy with spicy, spicy, endless aftertaste, super meal!Today’s topic: Seeing so many food, Tuantuan again greedy, what food did you eat at home this year?Share it with Tuan Tuan in the comments section

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