Big show of love!Guo Jingjing sharing and Fok Qigang dumplings two people division of labor and love

Guo Jingjing recently shared a video of making dumplings with Kenneth Fok to prepare for the Chinese New Year.The two have been sharing their Spring Festival preparations in videos for years, and the theme for 2021 is making dumplings.Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing is a precious beauty in the entertainment circle, guo Jingjing gave birth to three children last year daughter into a sweet family of five, born in the big, but the couple of children’s culture and education is very affordable close to life, 26 days of the year two family precious to travel!As before, the family is still very quiet, and the three children of the little daughter is finally rare show true appearance, naive by the mother in the arms, eating their own hands and feet raised his head to see his mother, and brother with Guo Jingjing side, is very clever and clever.Nearly a year old princess announced the appearance of a little stretch, thick black hair, small fat hands with pouting, and facial features are the same as his father Kenneth Fok, Hong Kong media are lamenting fok gene strong, three children and their father all look very similar.Family of five rare published transportation, guo jingjing dress still ordinary press close to life, a tight jeans dress pants and black windbreaker, did not make up, naked makeup appearance, the children also handy cleanly, the bosom with a young daughter, hand to pull her son, while still on the saw the phone.

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