Jia Yueting was exposed again, order data fraud

Jia yueting is well known to many investors. Leeco, the company he founded, was only able to go public in just a few years and received a large amount of financing.After its glory days, LeEco quickly declined, its share price fell off a cliff, and Mr Jia left the domestic market with a mountain of debt.Just before and after the Spring Festival, LeEco updated the icon of its APP. After last year’s “owe 12.2 billion yuan”, this year it wrote the label “can’t afford to share”, which stands out from other apps with multiple bonus packages such as Baidu and Taobao.While Jia yueting’s domestic project is on the verge of bankruptcy, FF (Faraday Future) seems to be a success abroad.Last week, Faraday Future announced that an investigation by a special committee set up by its board had found that only a few hundred of the 14,000 units it claimed had been ordered had been paid for.In particular, the investigation documents stress that this could be misleading.Faraday Future plans to roll out the production version of FF 91 in July.According to previous reports, FF is looking to locate its headquarters in China.Analysts believe that the car booking data fraud, will affect the company’s follow-up project in the domestic promotion.

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