His little wife is in his arms, and she rushes in, and he says, “Fired.”

Recently for a period of time, a lot of friends all say oneself in the book, that, as the old fan is unbearable, so exquisite novel were recommended for everybody, every day are boring book shortage you no longer, if you like, don’t forget to click on the image focus on me, watch the word remember collection, fear not book shortage again after,The first book: “The queen of the Movie she super Su” author: Winter Month 23 main line: “The Queen of the movie she super Su” little wife nest in his arms, the queen of the movie rushed into, he: “fired”In the lively and funny atmosphere, the two-hour live broadcast time was up in a flash. In summer, more than ten pieces of quality clothes were sold out, and today’s live broadcast was completed in the sound of goodbye again and again.”Whew, two hours for five hours is a bit of a stretch.It’s getting late. I must go now. Sister Kim, you can have a rest and tidy up afterwards.”Jinlian looked at summer, who was changing her clothes and leaving, and looked at her watch again: “It’s only eleven o ‘clock, and there’s still an hour to go. What’s the hurry? Besides, aren’t your clothes too informal?”In summer, I wore the most simple white T-shirt with nine minutes of pants. Under the background of pink sneakers, my ankles were pink and white, which was really pleasing to the eyes. My whole clothes were tall and full of youth.”I’m afraid to get too not suitable, this body, also don’t drive, do the bus past, time just good, home to you, I walk, bye bye.”Hearing the sound of slamming the door, the eyes of concern instantly turned into ice, staring at the performance sheet, in the eleventh summer line with lipstick mercilessly painted on a red pen!In a villa in an upscale villa complex, a dozen assistants circle around a heavily made-up woman.A man in a suit and tie stood on the side of the phone, after several changes of expression, hung up the phone, came to the woman’s side, half bow waist whispered: “sister, that summer like an accident, a lot of people complain that she took are inferior goods…”The woman frowned and raised her head. “It can’t be. Is the information reliable?”This woman also is a belt goods sow advocate, with summer same platform, performance ranks 10, call black rose.(Click below to read for free online) Second book: Mo Shao’s Limited Number of Movie Queen by An Qian Highlights: Only two years after seeing her, the butler who was so respectful to her didn’t recognize her.With a sneer inside her heart, Anyuan entered the gate expressionless.The laughter of the drawing-room came to her ears more distinctly as she went.Until she came along.An Guoxiang looked at the figure standing not far away, there was a moment of blankness.”Dad, I’m home.”He recovered, slurped at the cup he was holding, and the next moment, he slammed it to the ground, drinking furiously. “Who’s your father? I don’t have any sorry-killing brats like you.Sharp pieces of broken pottery bounced off the floor and left a streak of blood across Anyuan’s cheek.”Anyuan, how dare you come back?What did Lily ever do to you that you wanted to hurt her so badly?”Chen Ling stood up suddenly, her eyes red, and rushed at Anyuan with a slap on her face. She looked as if she wanted to tear her to pieces.Chen Ling raised her hand again, but was pulled by Ann Li halfway.”Mom, don’t beat your sister any more. She must have suffered a lot in these two years, and she should know she was wrong.”In the clear voice, there was a faint concealment of satisfaction.Sound into the ears of An Yuan, always dull look slightly changed, she raised her head to see the woman beside Chen Ling.The woman was beautiful, her long wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail, her delicate oval face painted with little makeup, and her long white legs beneath her short dress.The makeup was different than the cheap, outdated old clothes she was wearing.Anyuan’s eyes were stinging.”Wrong?She’s a heartless temptress, and you expect her to get better?”Chen Ling looked at her painstakingly, “Lily, you are too kind to be bullied by this fox.”Anli wiped her nonexistent tears from her eyes. “Mom, stop. I just don’t want dad to be in trouble.”The eyes, which were covered under the eyelids, looked at Anyuan with a touch of pleasure.(Click below to read online for free) the third book: “Best Actress Guide” by: glutinous rice meatball highlights: mobile phone unexpectedly sent vibration, there is a call in.Su Yue some accident, looking at the caller id display, obviously this is that Mr. Liu called!Really, perseverance!”Hello, there.”Su Yue pressed to answer.”Hello, Mr. Su Yue Su?”Heard the microphone spread that male and female indistinguishable low voice, Liu Wenhao some surprised.”It’s me. What can I do for you?””Asked Sue, lowering her voice.”Oh, so, Mr. Su, I am Liu Wenhao of tianyu entertainment company, accidentally found a song under your name, which is very suitable for the film, do you have any idea of selling the copyright of this song?””Not yet. I’ll get back to you when I have an idea.”Say that finish, Su Yue hung up the phone directly.You can make a lot of money selling a song, but now is not the time.She looked at the time. It was nearly seven o ‘clock.Then she sat down at her computer and went to the studio. To her surprise, there were 1,298 people online right now.”Oh, the more ye unexpectedly advance line!What a miracle!”Soon, someone spotted her arrival and the caption flashed across the screen.’Good morning to you, too!Su Yue smiled and responded.”Yue Ye, what live tonight?Can I reserve songs?I want to hear shrimps!””What kind of man do I want to hear!Yue ye, wait for a walk?”A lot of people in the studio heard her voice, is a lot of people hang up the phone have opened the studio, barrage more and more lively.”Yue Ye, will you sing a new song tonight?””I was only 18 when I wanted to hear Yue Shout mai!””Upstairs +10086!”(Click below to read online for free) “The Queen of the Film She super Su” little beautiful wife nest in his arms, the queen rushed in, he: “fired”, today’s recommendation here, do not know what you want to say?Welcome to comment in the comments section below, xiaobian will see in time, looking forward to your comments ~

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